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Israelis appose sharon attacks { June 16 2003 }

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Poll: Majority of Israelis Oppose Israeli Prime Minister's Actions Against Palestinians

Monday, June 16, 2003
By Brit Hume

And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Majority Opposition
A new survey by Dahaf Polling shows more than two-thirds of Israelis oppose Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's (search) recent actions in Gaza and the West Bank. Sixty-seven percent oppose targeted killings of terrorist leaders, such as the ones that took place this evening in Gaza. While Sharon insists the Palestinian leadership is a bunch of "crybabies," Israelis want to give Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (search) a chance to set up his authority. Sixty-seven percent of those responding to the poll also agreed that Israel must end its occupation of Palestinian areas.

Bill's Buzz
And remember how we told you two weeks ago that Democratic circles were abuzz over a possible run for New York governor by former President Bill Clinton (search)? When we called to confirm Mr. Clinton's go for governor, his press office could be heard in the background bickering over how to respond and eventually opted to call us back, which it never did. Well, the Washington Post and the New York Daily News are now saying the former president may be angling to become the mayor of New York City, rather than chief executive of the state. Mr. Clinton's spokesman did call the newspapers, telling them the former president currently has no such aspirations, though the Daily News says the spokesman wouldn't rule out a mayoral campaign in 2005.

An Order of French Spies?
And an angry patron at Washington's La Colline Restaurant, which happens to be on the ground floor of this very building, yesterday left a note expressing rage at the restaurant cafe's decision to rename its French fries to "Freedom fries." The missive, written in nearly grammatical English on paper purloined from the office of Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Richard Lugar, says: "To the idiots that wrote the menu. Freedom fries? It's French fries, you bunch of FOX newsed morons. Find the weapons if you can, you warmongering foxed-up right-wing pieces of sh--. You soon be apologizing to France, you Australian-owned idiots. F you! In the name of France, and F Rumsfeld. FOX YOU!" Restaurant workers believe the author is an employee of a French media concern.

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