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Us vetoes un resolution condemning yassins killing

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U.S. Vetoes UN Resolution Condemning Yassin's Killing (Update1)
March 25 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. vetoed a resolution in the United Nations Security Council that would have condemned Israel for killing Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, because the measure didn't denounce the Palestinian group's terrorist acts.

Algeria introduced the resolution on behalf of Arab nations and the Palestinian Authority after the council couldn't agree early this week on a less formal statement on Yassin's death. The U.S. veto allows the Arabs to call for action by the General Assembly of all 191 UN members, where no nation can cast a veto.

The U.S. vetoed the measure because ``it is silent about the terrorist atrocities committed by Hamas, because it does not reflect the realities of the conflict in the Middle East and will not further the goals of peace and security in the region,'' U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte said.

The draft resolution condemned ``all terrorist attacks against any civilians, as well as all acts of violence and destruction.''

Germany, Romania and the U.K. abstained from the vote by the 15-member council.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and diplomats from the European Union, Russia, China and most of the 41 nations that addressed an open meeting of the Security Council on Tuesday condemned the killing of Yassin.

``The superpower that voted against the resolution suggests things that are impossible to accept,'' Palestinian Authority Ambassador Nasser al-Kidwa said. ``There is no doubt that millions will be unable to understand what happened today. This indeed will not contribute to calming the situation and a push toward moderation or dialogue in the region.''

`Deeply Troubled'

Negroponte said he was ``deeply troubled'' by Israel's attack on Yassin and that it would damage prospects for peace.

``Israel's action has escalated tensions in Gaza and the region and could set back our efforts to resume progress toward peace,'' Negroponte said.

The U.S. has vetoed four UN resolutions on the Middle East in the past 15 months, in each case saying the measure was unbalanced in its criticism of Israel and failure to condemn groups such as Hamas that have taken responsibility for suicide bombings.

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Us vetoes un resolution condemning yassins killing

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