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Springsteen praise

Sun Jul 28 2002 21:19:04 ET

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen has praised the way President George Bush conducted the war against Taliban and al Qaida forces in Afghanistan.

The singer - known as The Boss to his fans - made his comments on the eve of the release of his new album written in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on September 11 last year.

Springsteen, a 52-year-old married father-of-three, is known for his liberal views but told Time magazine: "The war in Afghanistan was handled well. It was deliberative, which I wasn't counting on. I expected a lot less from this administration." The Boss led the tributes to the victims of the September 11 attacks during a celebrity telethon appeal held a week after the event and has performed at several other benefits since.

Springsteen said he was at his home in Monmouth County, New Jersey, when the first hijacked plane crashed into the World Trade Centre tower but at first thought it was accident.

He added: "I tried to figure that out and went to the television just before the second plane hit.

"I was just like everybody, watching the television, a lot of us together. Nobody wanting to be alone, waiting to see what was going to happen."

The singer went with his family to church after the attacks and said it gave his children a chance to reflect on what had happened.

The experience also inspired him to begin writing songs about the event and almost all the tracks on the new album, The Rising, out tomorrow, were written within just a few days afterwards.

One of the central images of the new release is of the doomed firefighters who died when the twin towers collapsed climbing upstairs towards the fire.

Springsteen described how he tried to imagine himself in their position.

He said: "The disorientation on that staircase, the load on your back, the heaviness of the equipment, the sense of duty, of responsibility ... what would you be thinking about?"


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