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Planes not scrambled { September 11 2001 }

[Fwd: Some gaps in the official version of 9/11 ?] (fwd)

Subject: [Fwd: Some gaps in the official version of 9/11 ?]

>We neither accept nor reject the allegations
>made in this article. The allegations by an
>anonymous "spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force"
>are troubling. But we understand why this person
>would choose to remain anonymous. We offer the
>article in the spirit of open inquiry, and seek
>answers to the alleged gaps in the official
>version of the events of September 11, 2001.
> The Wisdom Fund
> AF Spokesman: FAA Alerted Military Immediately
>On 9.11; AF Prevented From Responding
> TOP_VIEW conducted a phone interview on
>12.09.01 with a spokesperson for the U.S. Air
>Force, located in New York.
> This person was ordered to the Ground Zero,
>Pennsylvania and Pentagon 9.11 crash sites within
>several days of the events, as part of an Air
>Force investigative probe.
> Crucial information was conveyed to us,
>related specifically to the entire matter of IF or
>WHEN FAA/ATC personnel alerted appropriate Air
>National Guard/Air Force units, that four large
>passenger jets were significantly off course and
>that all standard communications with these craft
>had been broken.
> We were informed that standard procedures
>fully in effect on the morning of September 11
>were absolutely followed to a "T" by U.S. Air
>Traffic Control personnel; that via established
>channels and according to established guidelines,
>U.S. Air National Guard and Air Force units --
>which are ALWAYS on alert to be scrambled for
>intercepts of either distressed OR suspicious and
>possibly hostile aircraft 365/24/7 in these United
>States -- WERE DEFINITELY contacted by FAA/ATC on
>9.11 IMMEDIATELY after Air Traffic Control had
>become aware of the developing situation with the
> The Air Force spokesman confirmed that after
>the alerts and requests for intercepts of the
>aircraft were received from FAA/ATC, orders from
>the HIGHEST LEVEL of the executive branch of the
>federal government were received, demanding that
>the Air Force stand down and NOT follow through
>with established scramble/intercept procedures
>that morning until further notice!
> The U.S. Air Force's hands (wings) were
>DELIBERATELY TIED on the morning of September 11,
>until such time that the horrifying treacherous,
>murderous deeds had been carried out by the
> Our informant has told us in no uncertain
>terms that as much as seventy percent of Armed
>Forces officers -- with the NOTABLE exception of
>the U.S. Navy -- are VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to the
>treacherous, murderous actions carried out by
>profoundly corrupt and demonic elements within the
>federal government on 9.11, and to the wholesale
>treachery and demolition of the U.S. Constitution
>which said elements have now undertaken.
> It was conveyed to us that the "story" is by
>no means over yet; that the fat lady has by NO
>means yet "sung", and that this large percentage
>of the military who DO support, uphold and defend
>the U.S. Constitution are NOT going let all this
>just "slide". They are simply waiting for the
>right time, to do all within their power to set
>things straight in the United States.
> Our source furthermore fully concurred with
>the assessment of ourselves and others: that a
>CRUCIAL element in the government being able to
>"SELL" to the public their utterly false fables
>about WHY 9.11 death planes were NOT intercepted
>by Air Guard/Air Force units has to do with a
>deliberate, major and blatant distortion and
>twisting of the truth by none other than Dick
>Cheney himself; accomplished in the following
> Cheney, while being interviewed by Tim Russert
>on NBC TV's 'MEET THE PRESS on September 16th,
>claimed that the military needed authorization
>from the president before scrambling fighter jets
>to intercept American Airlines Flight 77.
> THIS IS A BIG, BIG, LIE, plain and simple.
> For example: remember two years ago, when golf
>pro Payne Stewart's small PRIVATE Lear jet went
>off-course and out of communication just after
>takeoff in Florida?
> Within MINUTES, on an immediate alert from the
>FAA, U.S. Air Force and Air Guard jets were
>scrambled to intercept Stewart's jet and see what
>the heck was up (not that it helped much in that
>case...): "Several Air Force and Air National
>Guard fighter jets, plus an AWACS radar control
>plane, helped the Federal Aviation Administration
>track the runaway Learjet and estimate when it
>would run out of fuel." --CNN, 10.26.99
> Interceptors were in direct proximity to
>Stewart's seriously messed-up aircraft within
>about TEN MINUTES of him having taken off. NOBODY
>had to go pull Clinton away from Vice-president
>Monica Lewinsky and get him to AUTHORIZE the
>INTERCEPT of Payne Stewart's jet that day.
> Moreover, according to the same CNN article:
>"...officers on the Joint Chiefs were monitoring
>the Learjet on radar screens inside the Pentagon's
>National Military Command Center. -- CNN, 10.26.99
> Air Traffic Controllers request military
>intercepts of private and commercial planes
>REGULARLY. Sometimes it's because communications
>have broken off; sometimes it's to inform a pilot
>that his plane has gone off course; other times
>it's to observe the situation directly - for
>instance, to see who's actually flying the plane
>and things like that. None of this requires
>presidential approval.
> But there's more to how Cheney twisted the
>truth here regarding what is PROVABLY one of the
>biggest holes in the FedGov's 9.11 tapestry of
>lies; . . .
> continued at:
> also see:
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