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Anti fence protest near jerusalem
Barrier called apartheid wall
Beating shooting at checkpoint filmed
EU backs west bank wall ruling
Eu says barrier obstacle two state solution
International court to rule on israel barrier { July 9 2004 }
Israel approves security barrier west bank { October 1 2003 }
Israel court rejects world court ruling against barrier
Israel preparing new route for west bank barrier { July 13 2004 }
Israel to build 600 homes 3 settlements { October 3 2003 }
Israel to sideline EU after UN fence vote
Israel will ignore world court barrier ruling
Israeli court freezes construction barrier { July 1 2004 }
Israeli high court says army must alter fence route
Israeli supreme court hears anti fence petition { February 9 2004 }
Military police investigate beating of palestinian
Pope condemns israeli wall { November 17 2003 }
State comptroller lashed out fence problems { November 12 2003 }
State department report to slam israel over wall { January 8 2004 }
Un assemly orders israel to halt west bank wall { October 21 2003 }
Un report criticizes israeli fence
Us veto un anti fence resolution
Wall to disrupt palestinian life says un report
Wall will demand one state solution { September 14 2003 }
World court condemns israel barrier

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