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Over 750 bone fragments found on deutsche bank building { October 26 2006 }

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Official: Plan to search for remains under roads near WTC site
By Associated Press
Thursday, October 26, 2006 - Updated: 04:18 PM EST

NEW YORK - Officials investigating the recovery of human remains at the World Trade Center site will recommend expanding the search to several roads near ground zero for additional body parts that may have been missed, The Associated Press learned Thursday.

A proposal to be sent to deputy mayor Edward Skyler on Friday will not advise an expanded search at ground zero itself, or within the many buildings that surround the site, according to an official familiar with the plan, who was not authorized to speak publicly before the plan was announced.

Skyler ordered city and state officials last week to compare search grids and maps of the site and the post-Sept. 11 cleanup and recovery operation and come up with possibilities for a renewed search.

Utility workers came across body parts while digging up a manhole last week under a service road along the site’s western edge. Since then, workers have uncovered nearly 200 bones - ranging from 1-inch shards to full arm and leg bones. Officials acknowledge that the manhole and several other underground cavities were missed during the nine-month search for the dead after Sept. 11.

The current search, which continued Thursday, has targeted 12 manholes and service boxes along the service road. But officials do not expect to find remains elsewhere on the 16-acre site, the official said.

The proposal will not recommend extensive inspections of buildings in the area, beyond a search already under way in a 40-story damaged skyscraper just south of the site and an old dormitory that has not yet been searched. More than 750 bone fragments have been located in the past year by forensic anthropologists and construction workers on the roof of the former Deutsche Bank building. Cleanup plans are under way for Fiterman Hall, the former dorm.

Fire officials have said that the department thoroughly searched buildings surrounding the site for remains.

Officials propose digging into roads such as Liberty, Cedar and Washington Streets - all near the former Deutsche Bank building - to determine whether trade center debris is underneath, the official said. Other areas that could be searched near the skyscraper include the spot where a Greek Orthodox church sat just south of the site.

City officials have acknowledged that a number of these scenarios are being examined. The Bloomberg administration could immediately act on the suggestions, or may hold off on decisions and ask the agencies to do more research and come up with additional reports.

Skyler, who is overseeing the renewed effort to recover remains, declined to comment ahead of the presentation.

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