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Oil noose tightens

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Guest Commentary
The noose tightens.
By Paula Devlin
Apr 23, 2004, 00:04

Golly, do those Rothschilds have a sense of humor! Their London branch recently announced that it was getting out of the gold business.

And leopards are changing their spots… Pigs can fly…

In my last article on the price of oil I focused on the supply problems as being the reason for the increase in price. Peak oil is one issue that is long term. Environmental regulations continue to inhibit economic development. Problems at refineries are another. There have been recent fires at refineries in Texas, New Mexico and Kansas. Hydrocrackers (for diesel) have been down in California and Texas. Refineries are allegedly terrorist targets (you are free to guess who the real terrorists are), so we can expect these supply interruptions to continue.

But one aspect of price increases was overlooked: dollar devaluation. The US has become a debtor nation. Other countries having been buying Treasuries at ridiculously low interest rates to keep their own economies from inflating. Japan has been buoying up the dollar for a long time now and there are signs she is getting a bit sick of subsidizing America’s credit habit. The dollar has been devaluing because of our government’s completely irresponsible monetary and fiscal policies. I don’t care how many sides of his mouth Mr. Greenspan speaks from, it still sounds like “Through the Looking Glass” stoned and voodoo economics on Viagra.

Our sea of debt, in spite of our “recovering” economy, is turning off our enablers. As co-dependents, they are not anxious to see us hit the wall, but know that everyone is in for a rough ride when it happens. Just like an alcoholic, there is no recovery until the addictive substance is abandoned. I could even live with our country being the financial equivalent of a social drinker. But a falling-down drunk? They are not tolerated for long in polite society. The debtor is also left out of the social circle when he can’t pay his bills. Any nitwit can see that the overseas outsourcing of jobs means the party is almost over.

Our dependence on oil is not unlike some former neighbors who allowed their children (read five-year-olds) to have beer just as other families allowed soft drinks. They were hooked young. Like them, we were never allowed to develop energy alternatives, be they fuel cells, wind, solar, coal, nuclear or methane. We are hooked on oil.

I can’t help but think of all these obscenely-compensated oil and auto executives at their exclusive watering holes, coming up with ways to foster dependence on oil. Detroit has not allowed fuel efficiency to be part of their considerations in the development of cars in years. The hoi-polloi has not been allowed to believe there could ever be a problem. The party was never supposed to end.

Would this nonsense about making the world a better place even be a consideration if Iraq were not sitting on a large pool of oil to continue this dependence? Our government would rather spend unimaginable sums to assure a short-term solution rather than have our troops stay home, protect our borders and commit the same amount of money to making us energy independent.

When the WTC came down, I believed we had been attacked by foreign nationals. But there are too many anomalies, too many things that do not fit a pattern to make that a sure thing. Connect-the-facts logic must be used.

What was the result of OKC? Clinton rammed through some stupid laws for more gun control and insulted conservatives. Only now is the possibility of “foreign” influence (read Islamist) making its way through the internet news circuit. I was in Rome when the news hit the TV. Not understanding Italian, my first reaction to the video clips was that the Murrah Building had been det wired. Nothing has changed my mind.

What was the result of 9-11? Islamists were blamed. More stupid laws purportedly to control perps but which impose burdensome expenses on business were imposed. Afghanistan was invaded, but the poppy fields were never burned. (Who’s cashing in on that crop? State or CIA?) Iran has been invaded (and Saddam is a monster) but what kept Bush I from finishing the job in the first place? What is the hidden agenda? To control the oil? To bring yet another country to worship at the altar of globalism?

Why are the Iraqis instigating guerrilla warfare when they are so close to having their country back so they can fight in peace? Does someone want to keep us there, to keep the Middle East destabilized and suck up our resources? Is there any logical reason not to partition the country to the way it was before the Brits arbitrarily glued it together? It could be left as city-states and they could live as they have for centuries. Why do they need to be westernized, especially if it is only for secular humanism and not Christianity?

The recent attacks in Spain, on the eve of an election, served to remove an obstacle to having the EU Constitution passed. Islamists were blamed.

In the meantime, across our southwest border stream torrents of illegals, drugs, prostitutes, criminals, WMD’s and anarchists. These illegals are nothing but a big expense to taxpayers as they are given every benefit of which taxpayers only dream. They cost in terms of law enforcement by bringing their drug wars to our cities, complete with car-to-car shoot outs. The Mexican Army provides armed cover for the drug dealers and coyotes as they cross our border with their various illegal cargoes. And our soldiers, Constitutionally required to protect the republic from invasion, are making a bunch of recalcitrant nations “safe for democracy”. Excuse me? Do I look that stupid that I would believe that? It’s a perfect example of our much-vaunted globalists securing the world for their private dictatorship.

The big picture is clear; the details are confusing – as they are designed to be. The underpinnings of our world have been completely and effectively undermined and the superstructure is tottering.

Secular humanism is not the answer: it is the problem.

It’s time to identify solutions and act to implement them, even if we feel like a voice in the wilderness.

The first thing I want to see is our troops home from all 100 countries where they are enforcing the globalist agenda. Then I want to see all support and all intervention in the Middle East end. That fight has been going on for more than 3,000 years and there is not going to be any peace unless it is Pax Christi. Let’s stop wasting our money and our breath. It’s not our problem. They can take care of themselves. We have more pressing issues here at home.

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