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Family connections

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Interesting Family Connections

(Conspiracy Nation, 11/12/01) -- Frei Betto, writing in today's issue
of the Mexico City daily newspaper La Jornada, explores the decades-
long ties between the Arabian bin Laden family and the Texas Bush
clan. (Translation by Conspiracy Nation)


Interesantes lazos de familia

In 1918, Prescott Bush joined the Yale-based "Skull & Bones" secret
society. Challenged by his fellow initiates, Prescott Bush raided an
Apache cemetery and stole the skull and scalp of the legendary

During World War II, Prescott Bush, partner in a Texan oil company,
was called on the carpet by the U.S. government for doing oil business
with the Nazi Luftwaffe, Hitler's air force. Prescott Bush had
violated the Trading with the Enemy Act.

Always alert for opportunity, when World War II ended Prescott Bush
positioned himself near the men of power as a way to enjoy immunity
with impunity. He became an intimate friend of the brothers Allen and
John Foster Dulles. John Foster Dulles directed the CIA *por motivo
del* the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Grandpa Bush was
convinced to make a magnificent gesture and return to the Apaches the
skull of Geronimo. Bush did make the gesture, but soon thereafter the
Apaches discovered that the restored relic was a fake.

The friendship with Dulles guaranteed the oldest son of Prescott,
George H. Bush, an oil industry executive, employment with the CIA.
George distinguished himself by helping coordinate, in 1961, the Bay
of Pigs invasion, in Cuba, whose purpose was to overthrow Fidel
Castro's regime.

Faithful to his Texas roots, George christened the ships which carried
the Bay of Pigs mercenaries Zapata (the name of his oil company),
Barbara (his wife's first name), and Houston. The Bay of Pigs invasion
failed, 1500 mercenaries were held prisoner, and later freed in
exchange for $10 million worth of food and medicine. (In spite of the
Bay of Pigs debacle, George H. Bush became CIA director in 1976.)

Disappointed with the poor performance of his first-born as a "007",
Prescott Bush was consoled by the success George Bush was having in
the petroleum business. Prescott applauded the breadth of vision of
his son George, during the 1960s, when he became friends with an Arab
contractor who frequently traveled to Texas, presenting himself after
awhile at local high society get-togethers: Muhammad bin Laden. In
1968, unfortunately, while flying over Bush's oil fields, Muhammad bin
Laden died in a Texas airplane crash. The ties between the Bush and
bin Laden families however remained established.

George Bush did not cry about the death of his friend. He was more
concerned then about the scholarly difficulties his son George W. Bush
was having, only receiving average grades in college. The Vietnam War
was escalating and, to prevent his son from being drafted, he tried to
enlist him in the Air Force National Guard. Heavy drinking, however,
prevented Prescott's grandson from becoming a good pilot.

Papa Bush encouraged his son to found, in the 1970s, his own petroleum
enterprise, Arbusto Energy. (Arbusto means "Bush", in Spanish.) Thanks
to international contacts which his father had maintained in the CIA,
George W. Bush obtained investment money from Khaled bin Mafouz and
Salem bin Laden, the eldest of 52 sons left by the deceased Muhammad
bin Laden. Khaled bin Mafouz was the banker for the Saudi royal family
and was married to one of Salem bin Laden's sisters. These close
family connections permitted Mafouz to be appointed president of
Blessed Relief, the Arab organization in which worked one of Salem bin
Laden's brothers, Osama bin Laden.

Arbusto requested a concordat and was reborn under the name of Bush
Exploration and, later, Spectrum 7. Such name changes were needed to
prevent bankruptcy threatening the young George W. Bush. Salem bin
Laden, faithful to family friendships, came to the rescue of his
friend, purchasing $600,000 in shares of Harken Energy, which took
control of Spectrum 7. And Salem bin Laden signed a petroleum
importation contract worth $120 million annually. Things improved for
the grandson of old Prescott, who pocketed $1 million and obtained a
contract with the emirate of Bahrain which left Esso green with envy.

In December 1979, George H. Bush traveled to Paris for a meeting
between Iranian republicans and Khomeini moderates which dealt with
the liberation of 64 American hostages from the U.S. embassy in
Teheran. Discussed was a way to prevent president Jimmy Carter from
benefiting from the episode, should the hostages be released before
the 1980 election. Papa George made the trip to the French capital
onboard the yacht of Salem bin Laden, who facilitated contact with the
Islamic world. (In 1988, Salem bin Laden perished, like his father, in
a plane crash.)

Also in 1979, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Papa Bush, still involved
with CIA operations, turned to Osama bin Laden, one of Salem bin
Laden's brothers, who took on the CIA-backed job of entering
Afghanistan and assisting anti-Soviet efforts.

These details are from the Italian analyst Francesco Piccioni. Other
details can be found in the book, "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and
the Making of an American President," by Steve Hatfield. All
symptomatic of the consented-to censorship by the U.S. mass media and
the omission by the press of how the CIA created general Noriega, of
Panama, Saddam Hussein, of Iraq, and Osama bin Laden, of the Saudi
Arabian/Afghanistan orbit.

Now, the grandson of Prescott Bush shows his fidelity to his
grandfather's blood: he invades Afghanistan to obtain (although at the
cost of sacrifice from the Afghan civilian population) the skull of
Osama bin Laden.

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