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Bush nazis kennedy { October 24 2003 }

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Interview with a Prosecutor
By interview by John Buchanan
from The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 2, October 24, 2003

Buchanan - What do you think is the true significance of the story in the New Hampshire Gazette?

Loftus - Your story, the first in a ďreputableĒ US newspaper in 60 years, redeemed my two decades of work that only resulted in the mainstream media slamming doors in my face, despite my credentials as a Justice Department Nazi war crimes prosecutor. I give a lot of credit to the courage of the New Hampshire Gazette as well, for practicing journalism as it should be practiced - tell the truth and let the facts speak for themselves.

Buchanan - How do you explain the fact that the mainstream media has simply refused to touch it?

Loftus - Itís a complex story and the media hate that now in the age of the sound bite headline. Itís also unpopular and frightening to most people, understandably. But the truth about this period of our history as a nation must come out and be dealt with. You and the Gazette have helped to accomplish that. It will come out now, I think.

Buchanan - What is the importance of it coming out, in your view?

Loftus - Your stories will be the crack in the dam and it will come flooding out. For 60 years, it has been a huge cover-up of the activities of some of the people who brought us the worst grief in the history of the world - the Holocaust. This country needs to understand which of its most prominent families supported Hitler, even after the US went to war with Germany.

Buchanan - Can you offer a good example?

Loftus - Joseph Kennedy bought his Nazi stocks from Prescott Bush. The British thought Kennedy was guilty of treason because his code clerk was tried in London as a Nazi agent and convicted.

Buchanan - How do you account for the failure of the media to break this story before the Gazette did?

Loftus - My feeling is that about 15 years ago, when big corporations started taking over media companies that had been privately owned by families or individuals, we ended up with an over-worked but well-intentioned media without the staff or resources, in light of all the corporate cost-cutting that was done, to look into the really big stories. The real enemy is the multinational corporations who are only interested in profits and choose profits over truth.

Buchanan - What can be done about that?

Loftus - We need to educate the media.

Buchanan - Should Prescott Bush, George Herbert Walker and the Harrimans have been tried for treason?

Loftus - Yes, they should have been tried for treason, because they continued to support Hitler after the US entered the war. As a former prosecutor, I could have made that case.

Buchanan - What do you think their true motives were in betraying their country for profit?

Loftus - It was a perfect example of spin, before the term was even invented. Their goal was that no matter which side won the war, their international industrial cartel would survive and prosper. They had a perfect set-up - a bank in New York (UBC), one in Holland (Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart), and one in Germany (August Thyssen Bank). They were prepared for anything that could have happened. They wanted to avoid exactly what happened to Fritz Thyssen after WWI. That was the whole point. He had lost many of his major businesses, and they came up with a better way to prepare for the Second World War.

Buchanan - How did they manage the cover-up after the first seizures in 1942 and continue with their dealings until 1951, when Thyssen died in Argentina?

Loftus - They brought in John Foster Dulles and Sullivan and Cromwell, and his brother Allen in Europe. The Dulles brothers put into effect a cloaking arrangementí that was reflected in the records of Brown Brothers Harriman. There was one account - Brown Brothers Schroeder Rock - that was a cloaking account at Schroeder Bank. The Rock was the Rockefellers.

Buchanan - What were they most guilty of after the US entered the war?

Loftus - They shipped gold through axis countries after the US entered the war. That certainly was treason, because it gave aid and comfort to the enemy and assisted them economically.

Buchanan - Why would they do that - take that chance of facing execution for treason if caught?

Loftus - They were afraid Britain would lose the war and they were protecting themselves.

Buchanan - If there is information like that to be uncovered still, what do you propose?

Loftus - I want a full Congressional investigation and I think your reporting in the Gazette certainly justifies one. I want the cover-up itself investigated, and I want the long-concealed Nazi histories of these families brought out to the public.

Buchanan - Who should investigate?

Loftus - Now that this information has finally come out, I am calling for full investigations by both the House and Senate Judiciary committees. Weíll see where it goes from there. But I want the cover-up fully and aggressively investigated. The American people and Congress have a right to find out how this happened, to make sure it never happens again. Itís too late for justice, but itís never too late for the truth. The American people and survivors of the Holocaust and veterans of the war are entitled to the truth.

Buchanan - Why hasnít it come out before?

Loftus - President Clinton wanted all the Nazi files declassified, but it didnít happen fast enough. Some of the documents you saw on I.G. Farben were only declassified a few days before you walked into the archives. You were very lucky, Iíd say.

Buchanan - What is the most damning single thing youíve learned in your 20 years of working on this?

Loftus - That it wasnít just the Nazis. The Harrimans backed a Communist-Soviet front of international trade and they sold the Czarís gold to support the Bolsheviks and fund the Russian Revolution. W. Averell Harriman also did business through other Brown Brothers Harriman and Harriman Fifteen Corp. enterprises that did business with Joseph Stalin as he purged his opposition.

Buchanan - How many people died while Brown Brothers Harriman and the Bush-Walker-Harriman partnership did business with Stalin?

Loftus - Millions, including American and Allied soldiers and people in concentration camps, both in Germany and Russia. And all the while, even during WWI when American troops died in Russia, the Harrimans did business with the Bolsheviks and then Stalin.

Buchanan - What should happen next as a result of this coming out?

Loftus - I think that American war veterans and Holocaust survivors are entitled to compensation. Iím not as interested in filing another reparations lawsuit, as I am in a bill in Congress.

Buchanan - How realistic is that?

Loftus - They did it for Japanese internees. I donít see why they wouldnít do it on this issue if the public outcry is loud enough. We should reimburse those vets and Holocaust survivors whose lives were harmed by the Bushes and Harrimans in their dealings as traitors with enemies of the US.

Buchanan - Do you think it will happen?

Loftus - I donít know, but I do know that all you can do in this world is tell the truth and see what happens.

John Loftus served as a prosecutor with the Justice Departmentís Nazi-hunting unit. John Buchanan wrote ďBush - Nazi Link Confirmed,Ē in our last issue. - The Ed.

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