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Who is guilt moscow explosions

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Who Is Guilty in the Moscow Explosions?
Dr. Alexandr Nemets
Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2002
More on the Lourdes Base
On Jan. 26, Raul Castro, No. 2 in the official Cuban hierarchy, announced that the Russian spy base in Lourdes is finally closed, by order of Russia's President Putin, and the equipment on the base is stored for transportation back to Moscow.

According to Raul, who bitterly opposed the closure, Russia got 75 percent of all the sensitive data on the United States from Lourdes. The younger Castro made that remarkable claim for the first time in 1993. It is possible that other spy channels residents on American soil, spy satellites, etc. jointly provided, from 1993 to 2001, only 25 percent of the data flow from the U.S. to Moscow.

There was negative reaction in Moscow to the closing of the Lourdes base. During the past several weeks some Moscow newspapers with a "patriotic" orientation Pravda, Zavtra weekly and Sovetskaya Rossiya published a series of articles criticizing President Putin for the closing of the Lourdes base.

For example, at the beginning of February Zavtra wrote the following:

Sources from Gavana claim that the final closure of the Russian radio-location station [spy base] in Lourdes took place in accordance with the personal order of Putin. That's despite the fact that, during the last several years, the Kremlin got 80 percent of the strategic information about the USA just from this station.
Presently, Russia has no technological capability for early detection of a nuclear attack against Russia from the USA. Russia now is also unable to control fulfillment of U.S.-Russian agreements on offensive-armament reduction. In addition, the ability of Russia to receive, decipher and utilize [military and commercial] operative information from the USA shrank dramatically. This will cause a negative effect on the political and economic competitiveness of Russia.

The emotional article "Cuba Yes!" that was published in "Pravda" around the same time claimed that Cuban leaders are very upset and characterized Putin's decision on Lourdes as "obscene."

Other Moscow papers stressed that closing the Lourdes base didn't bring Putin, in exchange, any serious concessions or other valuable fruits from Washington.

Indeed, it appeared to be a strange and even irrational decision by the Kremlin. But this is only the opinion of people ignorant about what was really behind the 9-11 strikes.

Readers of NewsMax know that Moscow used to share the information obtained by Lourdes with the Cuban secret services, which in turn delivered the most sensitive codes of U.S. civilian airlines to Mohamed Atta and the entire "suicide squad." That's how the 9-11 attacks were made possible.

Almost immediately after the strikes, Putin decided to get rid of the Lourdes base just the way a murderer throws away the blood-covered knife. Sound doubtful? Then try to find an acceptable explanation for Putin's "irrational, obscene and very unprofitable" decision about Lourdes.

The Lourdes story throws new light on the dark role of the Kremlin in the Sept. 11 tragedy. It exposes the real image and moral character of Putin and Co.

Berezovsky Documents

At the beginning of February, Zavtra weekly, usually extremely informed, wrote:

Chief of FSB/KGB Nikolai Patrushev openly accused former media magnate Boris Berezovsky, now in London, of subsidizing [in 1999] the 'illegal armed formations' of Chechen separatists. This declaration of Patrushev's should be considered a response of the FSB, which is offended by Berezovsky's threats to disclose, at the end of February, the facts about Russian special services (i.e., FSB) participation in the explosions of several apartment buildings in Moscow in September 1999.
Such disclosure by Berezovsky could make very questionable the 'anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya' (undertaken by the Kremlin immediately after the Moscow explosions) and even the legality of the March 2000 president election (which codified the Putin regime). As a result, a qualitatively new political situation could emerge in Russia. In this new environment, even such a variant as the disintegration of Russia into several independent states could become possible.

Let us now look at some messages from the Moscow-based information Web site

Jan. 31, 2002:
The office of the Russian general prosecutor opened the case against Berezovsky. He is accused of financially sponsoring the "Chechen rebels" in 1999.

Feb. 1, 2002:
Boris Berezovsky declared in London that FSB chief Patrushev was personally involved in the apartment explosions in September 1999 and that he, Berezovsky, would provide the proof.

Berezovsky also said that he had no information about Putin's personal participation in this case, and that he doesn't know whether Putin or Patrushev personally gave the order to blow up the apartment buildings. Foreign journalists (sponsored by Berezovsky) are producing a documentary movie about this tragedy. The movie will be offered to all television stations, including Russian ones.

Berezovsky added that he is afraid for his life (under a real threat from the FSB).

Feb. 22, 2002:
The Russian Duma doesn't want to know the truth about the explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk in September 1999.

One of the Duma deputies, Yushenkoff, suggested that Russian General Prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov investigate the apartment building explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk. This move was supported by 161 Duma deputies, mostly from the Communist Party and its allies. Seven deputies voted against the proposal and 282 deputies (mostly belonging to the pro-Kremlin "Unity" Party) decided not to vote at all. As a result, this proposal didn't receive enough votes to pass.

Feb. 22, 2002:
Berezovsky declared that the struggle against terrorists is a struggle against Putin. Berezovsky, in his interview with a correspondent from the Paris-based Le Figaro newspaper, confirmed that at the end of February he would publish information about the explosion of the apartment buildings in Moscow. He confirmed also that his struggle against the Russian special services is a struggle against Putin.

Some Conclusions

Many people in Russia and abroad await publication of the Berezovsky documents. The Russian opposition TV channel TV-6, up until its closing, actively discussed this issue. The remnants of the opposition media continue to do so now.

All this is taking place amid the fierce struggle for power and control of the money flow, in and around the Kremlin, between the aggressive Putin-FSB-Petersburg group and the remnants of Yeltsin's "family." The "family" and thousands of related businessmen and politicians are losing. They hope that the Berezovsky documents will slow Putin down or even entirely undermine his position.

The new documents from Berezovsky will probably somewhat harm Putin, the Kremlin and the FSB. However, the most important is as follows:

During the last two and a half years, the Russian and world media published a huge amount of data showing the role of Putin and the FSB in the September 1999 explosions in Moscow. Even without Berezovsky's documents, that's enough information for a serious investigation. And any really serious investigation could only result in a verdict of guilty.

There is no doubt about the role of Patrushev, and who would believe that Patrushev acted on his own, without Putin's approval? It would be like believing that Himmler alone was guilty of the Reichstag arson, that Hitler had nothing to do with it.

Terror strikes are the modus operandi of the Kremlin-FSB group. They don't hesitate to use this unholy tool to reap major benefits. And there is a trail of evidence connecting the Moscow strikes of 1999 and the September 2001 strikes in the U.S.

Our administration should eventually draw the necessary conclusions about the Kremlin and Moscow, as well as their "fifth column" in America. Or else ... let's recall what happened to Britain and France in May 1940.
Dr. Alexandr V. Nemets is co-author of "Chinese-Russian Military Relations, Fate of Taiwan and New Geopolitics."

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