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David rockefeller kissinger bilderberg china

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David Rockefeller/Kissinger
11:12 a.m. - 3/13/72

K: David, how are you?

R: How are you? I want to congratulate you for carrying it off. It was absolutely fabulous. Do you feel comfortable about it?

K: Oh yes, I think we got exactly what we wanted.

R: That's wonderful. I partly wanted to speak to you about that and partly on Bilderberg. You indicated you wanted to go if you could.

K: I would like to go.

R: I am taking our plane over on Wednesday the 19th and thought you might want to go over with us.

K: I would like to do it but it may be a little early.

R: I am taking some of the Congressional members like Matt Mathias.

K: Oh yes. When are you coming back?

R: I'm coming back - well I'm staying over Monday and having a group meeting in Paris so I'm not coming back until Tuesday. I had to squeeze in a few things at the same time.

L: I wouldn't dare show up in Paris or 500 pressmen will be following me wherever I go.

R: (Laughter) One other thing is this: Iíve just been at one of our international advisory meetings and Otto Wolf sends his best to you.

K: He is a Bilderberger too. In fact that is where I met him.

R: He has been to China on frequent occasions and may have been there almost more than any European so I was asking him as to his reactions as to whether it would be desirable for me to go in. His feeling was it might be a good idea if I did it, but not in an official way, but just through my own channels. I wanted to get your reaction as to whether it would be a good idea for me to put in motion or to wait.

K: Look, I will call you at the end of this week because I will get some answers to questions like this.

R: I'm going to Europe and leaving Friday morning.

K: I'll have an answer by Thursday.

R: His suggestion was to go through our Hong Kong office.

K: No, my advice is to do it through the Chinese Paris Ambassador.

R: Dick Watson. That makes sense to me.

K: Let me tell you one thing. I saw next to the President of American Express at dinner and he said he is going to get into China. He had written to every non-Communist embassy in the world and one was going to get him a visa. I related this to the Premier when I was in China and he said how is he going to do it and I told him. He asked me if I thought he would get it and I said not one. He said - or fifty. My point is wherever you apply it is going to wind up with Chou En-lai.

R: Well, if you feel. . .

K: No, I think it is a good idea. They are a little less hung up on the name Rockefeller than the Russians. They don't think they're running the country. But they know the name and I think they would be very interested.

R: Well, Otto Wolf seems to think this might help them to realize that we are serious.

K: I think it would be excellent from our point of view and theirs. I think you will find them pleasant to deal with.

R: The reason I mention it now is I have to be in Japan in June and. . .

K: I will tell you Thursday where to apply and if these various channels develop I may be able to drop a word about my relations to your family so I think you will be well-known.

R: Good. Well, thanks a lot. I hope you are all right otherwise.

K: I am fine. I'll call you Thursday.

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