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Settlement map

Subject: Fwd: [RI-ME] Map/Chart of Settlement increase

>As always, the ultimate measure of Israel's interest in peace, is its
>action in colonizing the 1967-occupied territories, in grave violation of
>the 4th Geneva conventions. During Oslo "peace" talks, Israel
>aggressively increased its colonization of the west bank, instead of
>dismantling its illegal settlements -- which underlie Palestinian rage
>today. Settlements continue as we speak, with 34 new ones started under
>Sharon's term. Every Israeli prime minister outdoes the one before him,
>"hawk" or "dove" alike -- although our leaders and media prefer the Labor
>"dovish" style, of doing things behind the screen. The chart to the right
>shows the number of settlers increase in the west bank ONLY, excluding the
>area Israel calls East Jerusalem, which is a large chunk extending into
>the west bank, almost cutting it in half, containing an additional 200,000
>settlers, for a total of 430 for 1967-occupied palestinian land (excluding
>17,000 on the Syrian-occupied Golan Heights). An excellent site for
>Israel's settlements and maps is:

70a11 [jpg]
70ad1 [jpg]
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