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Fbi rescues us bomb maker phillipines { July 28 2003 }

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InPeace to Reyes, Corpus: resign
Mindanews / 28 July 2003
DAVAO CITY -- The Interfaith for Peace in Mindanao (InPeace) has reiterated their demand for Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes to resign as it vowed to continue its independent fact-finding mission on the alleged state-sponsored terrorism in Mindanao.

“In view of the recent developments, INPEACE MINDANAO urgently calls for the resignation of Sec. Reyes, Gen. Victor Corpus and those others who may have complicity

in the pervading terrorism in Mindanao,” it said in a statement.

InPeace said it will continue with its independent fact-finding mission and called on the Magdalo group of rebel junior officers, “to consider this grassroots initiative as an investigative body where it can entrust its evidence and testimonies especially on the involvement of Reyes and the AFP in the Davao bombings.”

InPeace said its “consistent and persistent call” for an independent investigation into the series of “mystery bombings in Davao has been confirmed and validated by the claims of junior officers of the AFP that this terrorism is government-sponsored.”

“The alleged Reyes-Corpus hand in the Davao bombings further emphasizes our analysis that traditional institutions like the AFP, including the whole Arroyo administration, are suffering from a serious crisis of credibility,” the InPeace statement signed by convenors Dr. Robinson Montalba and Bishop Felixberto Calang of the Philippine Independent Church (Igglesia Filipina Independiente).

But InPeace said they doubt the outcome of Reyes’ suggested “high-level” investigating team “for as long as Sec. Angelo Reyes wields power as Defense chief--- undoubtedly the most powerful cabinet portfolio in a country where the military is highly politicized.”

Reyes wrote President Arroyo on Sunday urging her to create an independent investigating team that would include a representative from the rebel soldiers, to investigate “all charges against me.”

InPeace said Reyes’ “purported willingness” to be subjected to an investigation is “pure hogwash.”

“How can we expect a high level investigation to be impartial when the accused are themselves in the highest levels of government? A whitewash and suppression of evidence is possible given the vast resources and machinery that Reyes wields under his command. Civilian leaders can easily become targets of surveillance and neutralization by Reyes who controls the AFP intelligence units and its whole apparatus,” it said.

InPeace stressed that the victims of the Davao bombings “deserve to be given immediate justice.”

“We believe that if the AFP junior officers are really sincere in their quest for genuine

reforms in the armed forces and the country, they should press on by presenting the evidence they hold until heads will roll, including those of the Defense and AFP top brass. It is the moral obligation of the AFP junior officers to tell all, and help seek justice

for the victims of the AFP’s alleged terrorism in Davao,” InPeace said.

InPeace also said Muslims in Mindanao “deserve justice.”

“It is utterly condemnable how that, after all, it could be the AFP that is trying to sow religious conflict by assaulting mosques and discriminating Muslim civilians,” the statement added.

“We believe that even Pres. Arroyo herself should be subject to investigation and, if found to have prior knowledge of the alleged AFP plan to bomb Davao and terrorize Muslim communities, should be called to step down. We also believe that the Meiring-CIA angle should be continually investigated and analyzed as to its role in the whole scheme of terrorism in Mindanao,” the statement read.

Meiring refers to American national Michael Meiring who nearly lost his life when explosives owned by him went off inside his hotel room in downtown Davao City on May 16 last year. Three days later, Meiring was spirited out of a hospital by what Mayor Rodrigo Duterte refered to as “arrogant FBI (US Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents,”

Meiring was charged with illegal possession of explosives and reckless imprudence leading to destruction of property, warrants for his arrest had been issued but not served because he had fled. National Bureau of Investigation chief Reynaldo Wycoco in June last year vowed to have Meiring extradited but until now, Meiring has not been brought back from the United States to face charges here.

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