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Cia may be behind saudi bomb making { May 16 2003 }

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Friday, May 16, 2003
CIA may be behind Saudi bombing: Ka Roger

BAGUIO CITY -- The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Thursday claimed the Saudi bombings, which resulted in multiple deaths, including that of three Filipinos, was most likely the handiwork of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

CPP Spokesman Gregorio 'Ka Roger' Rosal said that the bombing's objective was most likely to play up the Al Qaeda bogey and blackmail the Saudi Arabian government into accepting the continued presence of the US military.

Rosal, however, did not totally dismiss the possibility of an Al Qaeda operation.

Lt. Col. Elmer Quiros, group commander of the AFP Civil Relations Service in Northern Luzon, said Rosal "must be hallucinating."

Quiros claimed that Rosal's accusation is just plain black propaganda to discredit the US and to attract international attention against the US and its allies like the Philippines.

But, in accusing the CIA, Rosal noted that more than anything else, the bombing served the interests of US imperialism by helping it justify its so-called war against terrorism.

Rosal claimed that Saudi Arabia has recently announced plans to discontinue allowing the presence of US troops in view of the drive by Arab countries to remove US military bases in the region. The Arab League, which includes Saudi Arabia, has also denounced the US for its invasion and occupation of Iraq.

"We take note of the fact that the Saudi Arabian government is presently being pressured to cooperate in the US' so-called war against terrorism and allow the continued US military presence in their country," Rosal said.

Rosal explained that the CIA has a brutal history of terrorist activities, including bombings, sabotage, kidnappings, murder and other bloody intrigues and psy-war which may very well include the recent bombing in Saudi Arabia.

He said that the CIA's Philippine station also maintains a covert terrorist cell, which includes explosives, sabotage and psy-war experts recruited and handled by the CIA.

"All indications show that the series of bombings in Davao City and Koronadal were carried out by this CIA terrorist cell," said Rosal.

Rosal called to mind the case of Michael Meiring, an American member of this terrorist cell arrested in Davao City last year. Meiring was apprehended after a bomb he had been preparing inside his hotel room accidentally exploded, causing injuries on his person. His arrest came amid a spate of bombings in Mindanao.

Meiring was reportedly extricated posthaste from his hospital detention room and whisked off to the United States by US and Philippine intelligence units later. HFP

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