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W bush sexual assault lawsuit

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More info on the Bush sexual assault lawsuit in Texas
By: Jackson Thoreau - 07/23/03

Since I wrote a long-winded essay last week on the sexual assault lawsuit filed by Texas resident Margie Schoedinger against George W. Bush, it has received quite a bit of response. Most people have been very helpful and contributed good insights and ideas like sending the essay to the British press. Pravda covered the lawsuit, but not the U.S. press, except for a Texas paper, to my knowledge.

I heard from the reporter who wrote that Texas story. She said she did all she could to contact Schoedinger, even driving to her home, where a man said Schoedinger could not come to the door and declined to comment. I believe the reporter - there was not much else she could do. Schoedinger probably didn't want to talk at that time. Maybe she does now - she talked to me some but then clammed up when I asked about her being harassed and her legal representation.

As I told this reporter, I was not directing my comments that the mainstream media was not doing its job in this case at her. In fact, I was praising her because she did her job - maybe that wasn't as clear as it should have been.

Others asked for more facts about the case and questioned why I rambled so much into personal anecdotes like a weird encounter with a college professor who supposedly worked for the CIA. As I said in the story, if I had written this as a just-the-facts story, I would never have a chance of most people reading it without laughing after I first mentioned the allegations of being drugged and harassed by police and federal agents. I have done so many just-the-facts stories in my career, and frankly, they bore me. The Internet is still a place to cut loose and go against the grain of conventional journalism.

If you want to know more about the strange allegations by Schoedinger, click on the Fort Bend Star article at

You can also go to the Fort Bend County site at - then go down to the bottom and click on civil court. Then type schoedinger in the plaintiff box and click search. You should find her other lawsuits, as well.

I also found a criminal case related to Schoedinger filed June 2002 in which Christopher Schoedinger, who is five years younger, white, and married the African-American Margie in 1996, according to county records, allegedly struck her. He pleaded no contest and was sentenced to a year in jail. Someone also informed me that Christopher Schoedinger recently filed for divorce.

Another odd twist to this case is that since 1997, Margie Schoedinger has filed for at least five assumed business names for various ventures Ė including a communications firm, health and beauty business, travel agency and publishing company. She is busy, to say the least.

I didnít see a need to go into long details in Schoedingerís lawsuit since it had already been done, including by the Fort Bend Star and on Internet sites like CounterPunch and World Nut Daily [a conservative ezine that, to its credit, at least covered the lawsuit; but I still don't like the site, thus the special moniker]. I was just trying to give some perspective, urge the media to cover this case, and to point out that Republicans commit sexual misdeeds about as much as Democrats, which you would not know if you only got news from the mainstream media. Thatís why I listed so many Republican transgressions, and an alert reader pointed out I missed a biggee Ė Neil Bush. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported July 16 that Neil Bush acknowledged having extramarital affairs with several women in Hong Kong and Thailand during a videotaped deposition related to his divorce case. So by all means, add Neil Bush to that list of Republican sexual hypocrites. If nothing else, my essay gives readers insight into the dark world of hypocritical Republican sex fiends.

I find Republican sexual scandals more appalling than Democratic transgressions after all the Republicans did to expose Clintonís private life Ė even spending $100 million of tax money - in the 1990s. Iím not excusing Clinton Ė he should have just said no comment and not gone on TV to say he did not have sex with Monica. We donít know what kind of agreement the Clintons had Ė perhaps they secretly worked out a French-style arrangement in which Bill and Hillary were free to engage in extramarital encounters [donít expect to read that in Hillaryís new book]. It was none of our business, but the Republicans forced this on us. So we should turn the tables whenever we get the chance.

A lot of people read Schoedingerís accusations and found them hard to believe. The accusations sound wild to me, but you just never know - I try to keep an open mind. I did hear from some people who detailed weird mind-control incidents themselves. I think it's important for people to contact the media on it because the media reports so much on Democrats' scandals. This article will remind them of the Republican sex scandals. It might get them to call Bush's media people and make them squirm. It will also help protect Schoedinger. The more people who know about her, especially in the media, the less likely something stranger Ė like a suicide Ė might occur.

But it's up to you how much you want to promote this because there is a credibility issue. My position is that I'm not saying Schoedinger is telling the truth - I have no way of knowing - just that weird things happen in our society and the media has not done its job in this case. Again, if this was a lawsuit filed against a Democrat, the media would be all over it. Note the Kobe Bryant case Ė he did say he was a Democrat in an interview, according to one source, and his coach is a Democrat. The mainstream media is overcovering the Bryant case, helping to divert public attention from Iraqgate.

I don't know what Schoedinger's motives are, but she at least seemed together on the phone, not like a paranoid wacko. Could a wacko even know how to file a lawsuit, not to mention start a business? It's a weird, weird case. Some say she's just out for publicity, but then why would she go to the expense of filing these lawsuits and then not even talk to the media who tries?

As to the conservatives who called my essay "trash" and other choice words [one even said he had a "special oven" waiting for me and my supposed "commie butt-buddies" Ė for the record, I have never been a communist but have been a columnist], I don't believe Bush was chosen by God to do anything. I believe he stole the 2000 election and was chosen by an elite group to carry out a selfish plan to dominate the world. I don't believe we are really a nation that follows Christ's preaching to love one another and do unto others, though many individuals try to do that. I don't believe Bush is that brave or he would have fought in Vietnam like John Kerry did, and not go AWOL and fly some planes around Texas. I believe we have done a lot of evil things [killing some two million civilians in Vietnam, for one, which I mostly blame on political leaders like LBJ and Nixon who put the soldiers there, not the soldiers themselves], as well as good. So we don't have any reason to point the finger at another country and say they're evil and we're good. And I donít think Iím unpatriotic for believing that. I believe I am trying to be honest and objective as I try to view my country the way many others do in other countries. I donít think it will help anything to overlook our warts and sugar-coat our past.

Anyways, the original essay is on Oped News at and other sites like Dream Forge WebZine at and Liberal Slant at

Feel free to forward it on to the media or whomever.

Finally, some say we should be focusing more on the exaggerations and lies related to the Iraqi war and the alleged weapons contained by Syria, Iran and other countries. I say, thatís fine, but we should hit Bush with whatever we have. You never know what will be the final straw that breaks this guyís back. This sexual assault lawsuit has the potential to be damaging, even if all of the allegations turn out to be untrue or exaggerated, as Bushís reasons for sending young men to die in Iraq were. We donít know what is true, but a full airing of the allegations deserves to be made.

I say, fight fire with fire. Itís funny that some conservatives have emailed me, calling my tactics sleazy and other more colorful terms. As I have long said, far-right Republicans can dish it out, but they canít take it.

Jackson Thoreau, a contributing writer for Liberal Slant, is co-author of "We Will Not Get Over It: Restoring a Legitimate White House". The 110,000-word electronic book can be downloaded at or at Thoreau also co-authored a book on Dallas history from the perspective of African-Americans, civil rights advocates, and others.
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