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George w sexual harrassment

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22:19 2002-12-13
US President Implicated in Sex Scandal?
American woman filed a sex crime lawsuit against George W. Bush

A lot of women liked previous President of the United States Bill Clinton. Women thought that he was a very charming and attractive man. However, the situation with incumbent President George Bush is totally different. Mr. Bush is definitely a representative of another psychological type of human being. It is evident that he is often drawn to solve all problems with the help of the military force. As it turns out, this trait of his character it also seen when it comes to sexual relationships with women.

There were some people in America, who tried to warn the American society that George W. Bush was not a mentally balanced man. They said that his conduct was suspiciously weird at times. Needless to mention that all those warnings stopped as soon as George W. Bush took the office of the American President. It was just said that it was a dirty elections method of his competitors.

However, the society had to become concerned about their president after those warnings proved right. The White House press service had to think of many reasonable explanations to clarify Bush-s bruises or ridiculous slips of his tongue. Nevertheless, the monstrous acts of terrorism of September 11th made George Bush ?innocent, so to speak. He became a national hero - a sacred cow of the American democracy. Bush-s strange approach to the solution of various issues stopped being a surprise to anyone against the background of the patriotic outburst in the country.

However, the people, who knew George Bush very well in his ?pre-presidential life, were not really surprised about rather a shocking piece of news. It became known that a resident of Missouri City, Texas, Margie Schoedinger, filed a lawsuit against the former governor of Texas and the current president of the United States. PRAVDA.Ru has the complete text of Schoedinger-s petition at its disposal.

In her suit, Margie Schoedinger states that George W. Bush committed sexual crimes against her, organized harassment and moral pressure on her, her family members and close relatives and friends. As Schoedinger said, she was strongly recommended to keep her mouth shut. In addition to that, three unknown men attempted to kidnap her on October 26, 2000.

According to Margie Schoedinger, Sugar Land police officers arrived at the scene of the crime. However, they treated kidnappers respectfully and let them go, while Margie and her family members were questioned rather aggressively. Eventually, the police made her dismiss her own lawsuit. Yet, the harassment continued in spite of the lawsuit dismissal.

The frightened American woman went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Yet, FBI Houston Office agents took on the same demeanor as Sugar Land police officers. One of them told the lady that everything was highly organized.

Margie Schoedinger does not know, to which extent her husband might suffer from that sexual harassment. Whether or not her husband was raped remains in question. As Margie Schoedinger alleges, both she and her husband were drugged after she was raped. She can only state that ?those men purported to be FBI agents raping her for the purpose of covering for how many times they had drugged her and allowed the Defendant (George W. Bush) to rape her in the same manner.

As a result of all that, pregnant Margie Schoedinger was hospitalized. She had a miscarriage. As she says, George W. Bush was the father of the lost child. Furthermore, she alleges that George Bush ordered to show pressure on her to the point, when she commits suicide. Margie Schoedinger-s husband was fired from work. Her husband has been unable to find any job since then. He does not get the federal unemployment allowance either. Later, Margie Schoedinger learned that both police officers and FBI agents acted like that at the behest of the defendant, incumbent President George W. Bush.

The scandal with the woman was gathering pace. Sugar Land police decided to conduct a background investigation into Margie Schoedinger-s past activities. As it turned out, she ?had seven dates, (which then became seven lovers), had told no lies, committed no crimes, gotten two traffic tickets and dated George W. Bush as a minor.

Officer Marcaurele from Sugar Land police department says that his department never had any records either from Margie Schoedinger or any of her relatives. The officer added that there were several attempts made to contact her, but she returned no call.

Margie Schoedinger-s lawsuit was filed on December 2nd, 2002. The plaintiff acts as her own legal representative. The suit is currently in the Fort Bend County system in County Civil Court at Law 3. The plaintiff tries to make the defendant pay her 49 million dollars for ?reasons of emotional distress, loss of freedom and ability to pursue her own dreams, alienation of affection from her spouse, loss of privacy, being disparaged on the Internet, and loss of her ability to be a Christian writer.

It is hard to say, if this woman-s story is true or not. Who knows, probably, she is one of thousands of American women, who perform sexual favors to high-ranking politicians of America. However, Margie Schoedinger's story looks like the psychopathic actions of the sitting American president. George W. Bush-s goals are so very similar when it comes to the aggression against Iraq, or to the anti-terrorist campaign: to destroy, to harass, to crush. This way or other, the fact of these criminal proceedings does not bring any honor either to the USA or to its president.

By the way, the criminal proceedings against previous American President Bill Clinton also started in a small town. Who knows, maybe Margie Schoedinger would simply vanish one day?

Kira Poznakhirko

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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George w sexual harrassment
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W bush sexual assault lawsuit

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