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Unexploded devices discovered in london

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Officials: Unexploded Devices Discovered in London
Sources Tell ABC News Two Bombs, Evidence of Timing Devices Found

Jul. 7, 2005 - In what appears to be the first major break in the London terrorist attacks, U.S. authorities tell ABC News that British police have recovered two unexploded bombs in London.

In addition, British investigators say that parts of timing devices have been recovered from several of the blast sites. The unexploded devices and timing mechanisms should provide important evidence that could help determine who was behind the attacks, sources told ABC News.

ABC News has learned that police in London found two unexploded devices after the morning's four subway and bus bombings that left at least several dozen dead and 700 others injured.

Officials also found remnants of timing devices left behind on the subways, and officials now believe that all the bombs were detonated by timing devices. Earlier today, British investigators believed that the bomb on the bus was the work of a suicide bomber, sources said.

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Unexploded devices discovered in london

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