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Timing devices discovered in london

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Officials: Timing Devices Discovered in London
Possibly Unexploded Bombs Found

July 7 In what appears to be the first major break in the London terrorist attacks, U.S. authorities tell ABC News that police in London have recovered key parts of the timing devices that set off the bombs, suggesting they were planted in packages or bags and left behind.

There also are reports that police may have discovered two unexploded bombs as they sifted through the wreckage of the four bombs that did go off. At least several dozen people were killed in the attacks, and hundreds of others were injured as while traveling on subways and a double-decker bus. Scotland Yard has denied finding undetonated explosive devices in the wreckage.

The bomb parts and timing mechanisms should provide important evidence that could help determine who was behind the attacks, sources told ABC News.

Officials now believe that all the bombs were detonated by timing devices. Earlier today, British investigators had believed that the bomb on the bus was the work of a suicide bomber, sources said.

Who Is Responsible?

The London bombings are similar in many ways to the coordinated blasts on Spanish trains in Madrid 16 months ago that killed 200 people.

The most important piece of evidence in Madrid was the discovery of a backpack in the rubble. A cell phone inside had been wired as a bomb detonator, and the phone led police to the terrorists. They were able to track where it had been sold, who had sold it and who had bought it.

Police say twice in the last three years they have disrupted plans to attack the London subway system. High on the list of suspects in today's attack is the same man who has been terrorizing Iraq -- Abu Musab al Zarqawi. Officials say he and Osama bin Laden have talked of expanding attacks to Europe and the United States and have been recruiting people in the Islamic world and western Europe to carry out the attacks.

The only claim of responsibility came today on an Islamist Web site, posted by a previously-unknown group. The site claimed the attacks on London were carried out because of the presence of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there was no way to determine the authenticity of the claim or the group.

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