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Whitehouse wont declassify more 911 report { September 30 2003 }

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White House Not to Declassify More of 9/11 Report
Tue September 30, 2003 06:30 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House has said it will not declassify further parts of a congressional report on intelligence failures related to the Sept. 11 attacks, including details of possible foreign involvement in the plot.
President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, said in a letter to a U.S. senator received on Tuesday that declassifying more of the report now could jeopardize current investigations.

The letter to Sen. Bob Graham, a Florida Democrat, responded to his request that classified portions of the report be made public.

The report released publicly in July included a blank 28-page section that dealt with whether there was any Saudi or other foreign government ties to the Sept. 11 plot. Saudi officials have also asked that the section be declassified.

The classified parts of the report contained information "relating to sources and methods, to ongoing investigations tied to the September 11, 2001 attacks, and to law enforcement and intelligence collection targets," Rice said in the letter dated Sept. 26, but received by Graham on Tuesday.

Graham, who is seeking the Democratic Party's nomination for U.S. president, chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee last year during its joint Sept. 11 inquiry with the House Intelligence Committee that produced the report detailing intelligence failures.

"Our ongoing intelligence and law enforcement investigations into the September 11 attacks would not be served by making public the details of particular individuals, locations, or methods which may be still under investigation," Rice said.

The information may be declassified in the future if it does not harm U.S. efforts to fight terrorism, she said.

"This is a disservice to the American people," Paul Anderson, spokesman for Graham, said. "Senator Graham feels strongly that they deserve to know about the potential involvement of foreign governments to the plot that led to the tragedy of September 11."

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Whitehouse wont declassify more 911 report { September 30 2003 }

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