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Hamas origins

(Source:L'Espresso, 19.12.01, Corriere della Sera, 11.12.01)
interviews to leading Italian publications, PA chairman Arafat
went into some detail regarding the Hamas operation. To {Corriere
della Sera}, he said, when asked whether he was still dealing
with the Hamas extremists: "We are doing everything possible to
stop the violence. But Hamas is a creature of Israel which, at
the time of Prime Minister Shamir, gave them money and more than
700 institutions, among them schools, universities and mosques.
Even Rabin ended up admitting it, when I charged him with it, in
the presence of Mubarak."
The interview to {L'Espresso}, is entitled, "The terrorists
of Hamas are Sharon's children: For Yasser Arafat, the fault is
all Sharon's and his allies'. And the kamikazis are financed by
those who do not want peace." In the interview, Arafat said:
"Hamas was constituted with the support of Israel. The aim was to
create an organization antagonistic to the PLO. They (Hamas)
received financing and training from Israel. They have continued
to benefit from permits and authorizations, while we have been
limited even [for permits] to build a tomato factory. Rabin
himself defined it a fatal error. Some collaborationists of
Israel are involved in these [terrorist] attacks. We have the
proof and we are placing it at the disposal of the Italian
government too."
When asked what he thought of "these sons of Palestine who
blow themselves up and spread death among Israeli civilians,"
Arafat answers: "Israel does not allow us to live a normal life.
Youth who have nothing to eat, who don't see any future in front
of them, are easy prey of the Islamist movements, which have
large amounts of financing at their disposal. And where the money
comes from is known. President Bush froze in one bank in Texas
alone, $61 million. Where does this money come from?" The
interviewer asks: "Where?" Arafat: "Ask the US administration
which knows all the details. Ask the Italian government too, and
some Arab countries."(mlm)

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