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Leave house now

Fwd: Leave the house now - bulldozers are outside... (fwd)

>Leave the house now - bulldozers are outside...
>By Amira Hass
>Israeli reporter
>RAFAH - At 2 A.M. on Thursday,
>January 10, Abu Ahmed was roused
>by knocking on his front door. A
>few seconds went by before the
>groggy father of five, grasped that
>the sound wasn't rainfall dropping on
>his asbestos roof; instead, people
>were standing outside, yelling
>something. He opened the door, and
>found himself facing a few young
>people whose job is to protect the
>neighborhood - the "O" block in
>Rafah's western refugee camp in
>Gaza, which straddles the Egyptian
>"Get out of the house right now,"
>they shouted. "The Jews are coming to demolish it. There are bulldozers
>A Palestinian woman shouts in front of an Israeli soldier as bulldozers
>started to destroy her neighbor's house in east Jerusalem January 14,
>2002. Israeli bulldozers demolished nine partly-built Palestinian houses
>ordered by Israeli city authorities because the owners had not received
>construction permits.
> REUTERS/Reinhard Krause
>A Palestinian woman stands in the rubble of her house after it was
>destroyed by Israeli bulldozers in east Jerusalem January 14, 2002.
>Israeli bulldozers demolished nine partially-built Palestinian houses as
>ordered by Israeli city authorities because the owners had not received
>construction permits. (Reinhard
>If you were in their place what would you do?

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Leave house now
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