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Egypt attack not alqaeda says egypt

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Egypt charges 5 with carrying out terror acts in Sinai
By The Associated Press

CAIRO, Egypt - Five Egyptians arrested in connection with last month's Sinai bombings have been charged with committing terrorist acts and premeditated murder, officials at the prosecutor's office said Friday.

The five were among eight Egyptians and a Palestinian implicated last month in the October 7 bombings at tourist resorts in the Sinai Peninsula. Three car bombs exploded almost simultaneously outside the Taba Hilton hotel, several yards from Egypt's border with Israel, and two tourist camps 55 kilometers (35 miles) farther south.

The blasts killed 34 people, including Israelis, Egyptians, Italians and Russians. Twelve of those killed were Israelis

The five in custody were named by the Interior Ministry on Oct. 25 as accomplices for helping obtain cars, offering tips, and implanting the explosives.

The prosecutor-general charged them with committing acts of terrorism, premeditated murder, attempted murder, damaging state and private properties, and robbery, the official said, on condition of anonymity. The charges could be punishable by death.

The five were also ordered imprisoned for 15 days pending further investigation.

The mastermind of the attack, an Egyptian-born Palestinian refugee, according to the Interior Ministry, and his Egyptian aide, died accidentally in the blast outside Taba Hilton. Two remain at large.

Egyptian officials rule out that the attack was linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network, and said the attacks were motivated by anger over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Egypt attack not alqaeda says egypt
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