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Sons shot captured { March 9 2003 }

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Bin Laden sons 'shot, captured'
By Anna Cock in New York
March 09, 2003

THE United States has refused to deny reports that two of Osama bin Laden's sons including his heir apparent to the al-Qaida terror network have been captured in a gun battle with US troops.

The reports, confirmed on television by a Pakistani Government official, have intensified speculation that the US is closing in on the fugitive terrorist warlord, the world's most wanted man since the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.

The official said bin Laden's sons were shot in a fierce gunfight between al-Qaida fighters and US troops in Ribat, an area of Afghanistan near the borders with Iran and Pakistan.

It is believed Washington is incensed that the official may have spoken too early, with US special forces tracking bin Laden in tribal lands between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Responding to the claim, White House spokesman Ari Fleisher said: "We have no information to substantiate that report." However, he would not deny it.

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