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Police spray students for no reason { April 18 2004 }

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April 18, 2004
Riot erupts in Campustown
Light poles, businesses damaged by altercation

By P. Kim Bui
Daily Staff Writer

What began as a party breakup escalated into a Campustown riot lasting about five hours early Sunday morning.

According to an Ames Police news release, the incident began just before midnight when officers came to a crowded party at the 2600 block of Hunt Street about midnight Sunday. After the party was broken up, several hundred people marched down Welch Avenue and began chanting and throwing bottles toward police officers.

A trash can was set on fire in front of the Campanile replica, and altercations rose to riot size with hundreds crowding Welch Avenue and taunting police by mooning them and shouting phrases such as "Fuck the police" and "No dry Veishea" as they charged officers in riot gear. The officers held out some form of riot control gas in front of them. Street light poles, parking meters and many storefront windows were damaged or destroyed. Businesses closed as the rioting escalated, and some customers were locked in. More than 25 people were arrested, according to an Ames Police news release.

"This is ridiculous," said Justin Biggs, 56750 Lincoln Highway. "There is 1,000 people out here. This is a democracy. I'm not leaving until they leave."

ISU Police, Ames Police, Story County sheriff's officers and the Iowa State Patrol used riot control gas to successfully push back the crowd toward the Towers residence halls after the crowd damaged several businesses, including Kum & Go, 203 Welch Ave., and Welch Avenue Station, 207 Welch Ave. However, the crowd reformed on Lincoln Way, gathering in the portion of the street in front of Friley Hall and pushing officers back.

"We're having fun," said Derek Weber, of Dike, as he walked away from a lamp post he and others pulled from the ground. "This is about us leaving the bars and them gassing us."

Several lamp posts and street signs were torn down and thrown across Lincoln Way. A sign was thrown into Copyworks, 105 Welch Ave., and a fire hose was also dragged into Copyworks.

The crowds of police and rioters clashed until almost 5:30 a.m.

An Ames Police spokesman said Cmdr. Jim Robinson, the department's public information officer, would answer questions relating to the riot Sunday afternoon. ISU Police referred questions to ISU spokeswoman Annette Hacker.

"There is no university statement as of yet," she said Sunday morning. She said university officials would meet Sunday to discuss the situation and their response.

Many involved in the riots claimed they were victims of police brutality, saying they were sprayed with gas for not moving off the streets and into buildings.

"I was in the bars, and I walk out, and immediately a cop walks out and sprays me, and tells me to get the fuck out of there," said Tony Feldmann, junior in computer engineering. "After that, I headed to come to Kum & Go and turned onto Chamberlain toward Big Shots, and two cops were standing there and I got sprayed for a second time, and then they told us to go the other way."

Other students agreed they were sprayed with gas without cause.

"The left side of my face is burning up. We didn't do anything. We were just walking away with the crowd [and were pepper sprayed]," said Andrea Seminara, junior in dietetics.

Several students and other attendees said they attempted to reason with the crowd and police.

"I held my arms up peacefully; I've been Maced in the face," said Ryan Reed, of Zearing. "Everyone needs to leave; police officers will not listen to reason and neither will they [a crowd trying to tear down a sign]. I see people crying out for justice, and they do it the worst way. I stay because my heart will not let me leave."

Two men stood outside of Welch Avenue Station as crowds threw rocks at the building, breaking windows of both Welch Avenue Station and Pizza Pit, 207 1/2 Welch Ave. The men tried to talk to the rioters, but were repeatedly taunted and pelted with objects.

"This is not our intention," said Ezra Kelderman, sophomore in mechanical engineering. "Some people are out of control."

The rioting was compared by some to Veishea riots in 1999. Veishea became alcohol-free in 1998.

"This is the worst we've seen since [Veishea] was dry. We were here when it was wet," said Nick Miller, sophomore in pre-business.

Students said Iowa State's image and Veishea's future are in question.

"This is obviously kids trying to rebel," said Nic Stockdale, sophomore in agricultural systems technology. "It's going to be embarrassing for the school and the students that acted out."

-- Leah McBride, Tom Barton and Lucas Grundmeier contributed to this article.

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