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Subj: Bushageddon
Date: 11/22/02 6:23:02 PM Pacific Standard Time

With the passage of the Bushcabal's latest "home-security" legislation (only
9 Senators had the guts to vote against it) the U.S. terrorist government
(together with its multinational terrorist corporations) has attained final
victory over the forces of good. The way now is clear for the KGB (King
George Bush) to bomb, incinerate, pollute, invade, & take over the world.

This legislation combines 22 U.S. government terrorist agencies (CIA, FBI,
border patrol, secret service, coast guard, etc., etc.) into a single
coordinated force of repression, oppression, & depopulation directed solely
by the KGB. It includes a new crack-down on emails (such as this one) headed
by convicted felon John Poindexter (enthusiastically resurrected from
Reagan's gang by the Bushcabal). This new super-agency of terror is
accountable to nobody. It has total freedom to exterminate any people in the
U.S. or elsewhere. No U.S. court of justice can interfere with its terror
wreaked upon even its own citizens. The Freedom of Information Act was
specifically cancelled in the legislation, so that no citizen can find out
what any of the 200,000 members of this U.S. ultraterrorist agency says or
does. TV "news" reports of course will continue to say what they are
commanded to say by the KGB.

With world-wide oxygen levels down to about 50% of normal (due to
multinational corporations globally raping forests), the Bushcabal announced
today that it is removing pollution controls from coal-burning & other energy
generators. This should dramatically increase smog & acid rain, triggering
widespread respiratory disease, thereby furthering the Bushcabal's goal of
cutting U.S. population in half. If it is not totally successful, KGB will
invent a reason to "vaccinate" the entire U.S. citizenry with incapacitating
"microterrorism" serum (probably mislabeled as smallpox vaccine) ... another
provision in the latest legislation. Those who refuse vaccination will be
imprisoned in the many concentration camps now being constructed around the
U.S. by Cheney's Halliburton Corp. And U.S. pharmaceutical companies are
specifically exempted in the latest legislation from any liabililty for
disease & death resulting from their concocted "vaccinations." Most human
immune systems already are compromised by the daily spraying of chemtrails in
the sky containing aluminum oxide, iron stearate, barium, ethylene dibromide,
malathion, & an assortment of experimental fungi, bacteria, & genetically
engineered viruses.

In Prague yesterday the Bushcabal squashed protestors at NATO's meeting in
order to plan the take-over of third-world oil fields by U.S. corporations.
The U.S. already bribed & threatened France & Russia to accept its U.N. plans
to take over first Iraqi then Saudi oil fields. Since the introduction (by
friendly ET's) of zero-point energy generators (which are totally
nonpolluting with unlimited output of electricity) over a half century ago,
the world has had no need for dirty oil generators or gasoline engines. But
with the latest legislation the Bushcabal has now "secured" this information
from being accessed by citizens. And for many years it has eliminated those
who have tried to develop or disclose zero-point energy generation.

Americans have only themselves to blame. They easily could have voted for
Green-Party candidates or Natural-Law Party candidates, rather than for
Republemocrat cronyism (unless you live in Florida where Jeb Bush & Kathryn
Harris make sure that voting-machine buttons are bushed not pushed).
Americans easily could have researched the true history of Granddaddy
(Prescott) Bush & the support which he provided to Hitler's Nazis. Christian
funny mentalists easily could have discerned that King George is their
prophesied Antichrist. Instead he easily fooled them into believing that he
is one of them. They easily could look into their own hearts to see that
"terrorism" lies within not without. Americans easily could have
acknowledged their own spiritual essence proclaiming that peace is attained
through understanding, empathy, & compassion, not bombs. They easily could
have detached themselves from their infantile football mentality of "we win,
you lose, we're # 1, rah, rah, wave the flag." They easily could have
understood that each of us wins only when we all win by treating each other
considerately. Instead they have chosen to support the Agent of Armageddon.
Now we all lose.

William Cooper

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