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13 year old girl assassinated by israeli soldier
14 killed in israeli airstrike
140 killed and 80 houses demolished in gaza operation
Five dead on 11th day of gaza incursion
Four killed in israeli gaza town incursion
Gaza girl death officer cleared { October 15 2004 }
Gaza pull out nears tensions security risk { October 21 2004 }
Hezbollah claims first reconnaissance drone over israel { November 7 2004 }
Israel expands raid with air strike near gaza city
Israel kills 14 in gaza { October 25 2004 }
Israel kills 9 year old in gaza
Israel kills hamas militant { October 10 2004 }
Israel kills3 ends raid in gaza { December 19 2004 }
Israel military kills 4 in gaza operation { October 14 2004 }
Israel missile strike kills two gaza militants
Israel on war level
Israel pushes into gaza strip killing 3
Israel violates lebanon air space
Israeli forces move into northern gaza
Israeli helicopters attack targets in gaza
Israeli missile kills top militant in gaza
Israeli soldiers kill palestinian in west bank raid
Israeli troops kill nine palestinians in gaza raid
Palestinian crushed by israeli jeep { September 10 2004 }
Palestinian rocket kills 2 in israeli town
Soldiers forcing violinist to play at roadblock { November 29 2004 }
Suicide bomber strikes telaviv killing at least four { November 1 2004 }
Twelve palestinians die as tanks enter gaza refugee camp
Unmanned israeli drone launched missile in gaza

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