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Mercury lurks in which fish

>> Health Facts: Mercury Lurks In WHICH Fish?
>>With many studies talking about the heart-healthy benefits of
>>eating fish frequently, new evidence that people can get mercury
>>poisoning from eating only a few fish a week leave many of us
>>nervous. Here's the bottom line: smaller fish, the ones that
>>didn't eat their way to the top of the fish food chain, are
>>usually safe. Larger fish are likely to contain higher levels
>>of mercury.
>>Rule of Thumb - Eat These Fish:
>>Two fish high in omega fatty acids and low in mercury are
>>salmon and sardines. If you are concerned about the environmental
>>impact of the fish you eat, be sure that you get Wild Alaska
>>Salmon because these populations are well managed and thriving.
>>Rule of Thumb - Avoid these fish:
>>ONE meal of a fish like tuna, shark, Chilean sea bass, and
>>swordfish can put you over the EPA's safe mercury limit for ONE
>>It's ironic - dwindling numbers of Chilean sea bass have lead
>>environmentalists to lobby for their protection, but it might
>>be that their high mercury content lowers demand, and hence
>>keeps them safe. After all, who wants mercury for dinner?
>>For more resources, visit Annie B. Bond's review of seafood:
>>Thanks for your interest!

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