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Philip morris change lights

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Altria unit to change "lights" package wording
Reuters, 04.15.03, 8:34 AM ET

CHICAGO, April 15 (Reuters) - Cigarette maker Philip Morris USA will remove the controversial words "lowered tar and nicotine" from packages of at least some of its "light" cigarettes, a spokesman for the company's parent, Altria Group Inc. (nyse: MO - news - people) said on Tuesday.

The spokesman could provide no other details.

Philip Morris USA last month was ordered to pay $10.1 billion in damages after losing a class-action lawsuit in Illinois in which it was found to have misled smokers into thinking "light" cigarettes were safer than regular smokes.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the case said on Tuesday that Philip Morris USA had said it would remove the words "lowered tar and nicotine" from packages of its Marlboro Light cigarettes during a closed-door hearing to determine the size of bond Philip Morris USA would have to post to appeal the verdict.

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