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Lausd expels soda deals

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L.A. Schools Set to Can Soda Sales
Sun Aug 25,11:44 AM ET

Dr Pepper is about to get expelled from public schools in Los Angeles. So, too, are Coke, Pepsi and Mr. PiBB.

In an effort to promote better health, the Los Angeles school district's board is expected Tuesday to ban soft drink sales during school hours at all of its 677 schools.

Educators and legislators have been grappling for years with how to curb junk food consumption on campuses. So far, only a handful of districts, including the Oakland Unified School District, have restricted soft drink sales.

"It's going to set a national trend," said Francesca de la Rosa of the Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College's Urban and Environmental Policy Institute. The Los Angeles Unified School District, with 748,000 students, is the nation's second-largest. "People will say, if you can do it at LAUSD, you can do it anywhere."

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