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Factory farms lobby to exempt farm pollution { February 27 2008 }

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EPA seeks to drop emission report requirement for farms
Emissions data not used, agency says
12:00 AM CST on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Washington Post

WASHINGTON The Environmental Protection Agency wants to drop requirements that factory farms report their emissions of toxic gases, despite findings by its scientists that the gases pose a health threat.

The EPA says local emergency responders don't use the reports, making them unnecessary. But local air-quality agencies, environmental groups and lawmakers who oppose the rule change say the reports are one of the few tools rural communities have for holding large livestock operations accountable for pollution.

The EPA requirement that farms report large emissions of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide has been on the books since the 1980s. The EPA does not set limits for the releases; it merely requires that farms disclose emissions over certain levels.

The EPA posted the proposed rule change in the Federal Register while Congress which is deeply divided on the issue was on its December holiday recess. The public comment period ends March 28. The change would take effect in October.

The Washington Post

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