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Gary condit thinking { July 30 2002 }

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What in the World Is Gary Condit Thinking?

By Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 30, 2002; Page C03

In the unlikely event that defeated House Democrat Gary Condit tries to revive his political career, Esquire magazine might be nipping that effort in the bud -- with Condit's help. In the September issue, slain intern Chandra Levy's fling-partner blames the media in general and Connie Chung in particular for his predicament.

"I know what they want me to say. They want me to say that I did her," Condit announces defiantly in the presence of our former Post colleague Mike Sager, who spent nearly a month with the California congressman during his losing renomination bid. "Not gonna do it. Not gonna do it."

As for CNN's Chung, who famously interviewed Condit for ABC News, Condit tells Sager: "Connie Chung became President Putin to me," apparently referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Cold War Soviet terms. "She wasn't gettin' anything out of me; she wasn't going to break me, no way."

Condit adds: "It's mean, but screw her, you know? To be honest, if people look closely at the interview, if anybody bothers in history to watch the tape, they'll see where she went into a daze, she just lost it. I mean, I know I wasn't going to say anything. She just went blank on me at some point. She had no place to go. She had this yellow legal pad. She just kept looking down at her pad. And she asked the one question like ten times, maybe twenty times. I knew this was not going over well. I came very close to saying, 'Hey, Connie, do you got any other questions besides the ones on that yellow pad?' "

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