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Tuskegee presidential apology { January 14 1997 }

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Tuskegee Study - Presidential Apology

January 14, 1997

WHEREAS, public confidence and trust are central to the success of immunization programs, the NVAC has considered many issues concerning trust in health care settings and discussed the study of untreated syphilis in which that trust was abrogated. Given the enormous negative impact of the Tuskegee Study on the public perception of governmental health programs, the NVAC recommends to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services that she advise the President of the great value to be gained from a Presidential apology on behalf of the government and the American people. An apology is appropriate and would accelerate the healing process needed to restore and maintain trust in our public health programs.

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Tuskegee presidential apology { January 14 1997 }
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