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Ho chi minh helped by oss

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1919 - Vietnamese in Paris (including Ho Chi Minh) unsuccessfully attempt to present a homeland independence document to Versailles Peace Conference

1925 - Ho founds Marxist Revolutionary Youth League of Vietnam, VNQDD (Vietnamese Nationalist Party) forms in opposition

1930 - Ho Chi Minh founds Communist Party of Vietnam in Hong Kong, French crush VNQDD during a revolt near Hanoi

1932 - Bao Dai returns from France to reign as emperor of Vietnam under the French.

Sep-40 - Vichy French troops defeated by invading Japanese forces--allow Japanese troops to occupy Indochina

May-41 - Ho Chi Minh founds Viet Minh, a united front to resist Japanese and French

1942 - Ho travels to China seeking aid--is imprisoned for 13 months

Mar-45 - Japanese install Bao Dai as head of ‘independent" Vietnam

1945 - OSS Team parachutes into Northern Vietnam to save ill Ho Chi Minh

Aug-45 - Japan surrenders, Bao Dai abdicates after a general uprising led by the Viet Minh.

2-Sep-45 - Ho Chi Minh establishes Democratic Republic of Vietnam

12-Sep-45 - 200,000 Chinese Nationalists occupy North, British land in Saigon--British, French and Japanese troops resist Viet Minh

Nov-46 - Ho Chi Minh’s attempt to negotiate end to French rule fails, French shell Haiphong

Mar-46 - Chinese withdraw, French land troops in North Vietnam

Dec-46 - Viet Minh conduct first major attack against French

Jan-50 - Communist China begins support of Viet Minh

Feb-50 - U.S. recognizes Bao Dai government, Vietnam split between Communist-controlled North and anti-communist South

Aug-50 - U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group arrives--U.S. assumes half of cost of French war in Indochina

20-Mar-54 - JCS/NSC propose massive U.S. airstrikes, mining Haiphong and a parachute assault at Dien Bien Phu

29-Apr-54 - After learning of British Prime Minister Churchill’s opposition, President Eisenhower denies the U.S. planned air strikes

May-54 - French defeated at Dien Bien Phu--U.S. now pays 80% of cost of the conflict

Jun-54 - Bao Dai names Ngo Dinh Diem as prime minister (wife is Madame Nhu)

Jul-54 - Geneva Conference partitions Vietnam declares 17th parallel a DMZ allows free travel between north & south for 300 days--900,000 flee NVN for the south

Sep-54 - Manila Treaty establishes SEATO

Oct-54 - Viet Minh establish control of Hanoi and NVN

1955 - U.S. backed Diem government establish Republic of Vietnam with Diem as president

1960 - NLF founded

1963 - President Kennedy signs executive order authorizing draft deferments for fathers and married men

16-Jun-63 - Buddhist opposition intensifies, first Buddhist monk immolates himself in Saigon, six more monks and nuns follow--Madame Nhu refers to the incidents as barbecues and offers to supply the matches

1-Nov-63 - Diem & Madame Nhu assassinated

22-Nov-63 - President Kennedy is assassinated

20-Jun-64 - William Westmoreland assumes command of MACV

7-Jul-64 - Maxwell Taylor becomes U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam

Aug 2-4, 1964 - Tonkin Gulf Incident--USS Maddox attacked by NVN torpedo boats

7-Aug-64 - Congress passes Tonkin Gulf Resolution allows president to take necessary measures to repel further attacks and to provide military assistance to any SEATO member. President Johnson orders bombing of NVN

Aug-65 - President Johnson issues executive order ending draft exemptions for men married after August 26, 1965

2-Mar-65 - Rolling Thunder begins

8-Mar-65 - First U.S ground troops (Marines) arrive in SVN

Jun-65 - Generals Ky & Thieu overthrow government of SVN

Oct-66 - Cultural Revolution begins

Jun-67 - Military Selective Service Act of 1967 limits graduate school deferments

Sep-67 - Thieu wins presidential election

Oct-67 - First mass anti-war demonstration in Washington (50,000)

21-Jan-68 - Battle of Khe Sanh begins

23-Jan-68 - USS Pueblo is seized by North Korea

25-Jan-68 - Johnson mobilizes 14,801 reservists in 28 units (Navy Reserve & Air National Guard/Reserve)--4 units deploy to Vietnam

31-Jan-68 - Tet Offensive begins

4-Mar-68 - DOD presents Johnson an "A to Z" reassessment of U.S. strategy in Vietnam asking for a call up of 260,000 reservists

16-Mar-68 - My Lai massacre

31-Mar-68 - Johnson announces he will not seek reelection--halts bombing of NVN north of 20th parallel--approves 24K reserve call-up

13-May-68 - 22,786 U.S. reservists are mobilized--about half deploy to Vietnam in units or as individuals

10-Jun-68 - Creighton Abrams assumes command of MACV

31-Oct-68 - Rolling Thunder(bombing of NVN) ends

May-69 - Battle of Hamburger Hill

20-May-69 - Paris Peace Talks begin

8-Jul-69 - Nixon announces first troop withdrawals

3-Sep-69 - Ho Chi Minh dies

26-Nov-69 - Draft law amended to phase out student deferments and initiate a lottery

Nov-69 - 250,000 attend anti-war demonstrations in Washington

Dec-69 - First draft lottery

Apr 30 ,1970 - U.S. & SVN troops invade Cambodia

4-May-70 - Kent State protests ("Four Dead in Ohio")

Feb-71 - SVN troops invade Laos

24-Apr-71 - Largest civil protest in U.S. history in Washington with 750,000 marching

May 10-Oct 23 1972 - Linebacker I

28-Jun-72 - Nixon announces that no more draftees will be sent to Vietnam

Dec 19-30 1972 - Linebacker II

27-Jan-73 - Draft ends

27-Jan-73 - U.S., SVN, & NVN sign Paris Peace Accords

Feb 12 -Apr 1, 1973 - 591 U.S. POWs repatriated

29-Mar-73 - Last U.S. combat troops leave SVN

30-Apr-75 - Saigon falls to NVN, SVN surrenders

Apr-76 - Zhou Enlai dies--Gang of Four prevents gathering in Tiananmin Square

9-Sep-76 - Mao dies--Gang of Four suppressed--ending Cultural Revolution

Dec-78 - Vietnam invades Cambodia--topple Pol Pot regime

Jan-79 - Chinese attack Vietnam over border disputes and Cambodian invasion--seize several provincial cities

Mar-79 - Chinese withdraw, over 10,000 dead on each side--10-year border war begins (mostly artillery duel)

Jun-80 - Vietnam attacks northern Thailand over Thai support to Khmer Rouge, withdraws after inflicting nearly 500 casualties

Jan-Mar 1988 - China invades Spratly Islands, Vietnamese Naval resistance is defeated--Vietnam acquiesces to Chinese occupation

1988 - Vietnam begins cooperating with U.S. over MIA accounting

Dec-89 - Last Vietnamese forces leave Cambodia, Chinese and Vietnam end border war

Apr-91 - U.S. establishes MIA office in Hanoi

Feb-94 - U.S. lifts trade embargo with Vietnam

Jul-95 - U.S. normalizes relations with Vietnam, Vietnam joins Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

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