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Saddam history timeline

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Saddam Hussein Timeline

28 April 1937 Saddam Hussein was born in Tikrit, Iraq. He was sent to live with his maternal uncle soon after he was born. During his early years, reports have linked Saddam to the murders of a school teacher and/or a cousin.
1955 Saddam moved to Baghdad.
1956 Hussein joined the Arab Baath Socialist Party.
1957 Hussein was denied the admission to the Baghdad Military Academy.
1958 Hussein married Sajida.
1959 Hussein attempted to assassinate the Prime Minister of Iraq. He was arrested for six months. Hussein was shot in the leg by the prime minister's bodyguard.
25 February 1960 After being convicted for his assassination attempt, Hussein was sentenced to death, although he later escaped to Syria and then to Egypt.
1962 Hussein completed his secondary studies.
1962-1963 Hussein studied law in Cairo, but he did not complete it.
8 February 1963 Hussein returned to Iraq after the Ramadan Revolution and was elected to the Baath Party.
14 October 1964 Hussein was arrested for charges accusing him of rebelling against the regime.
September 1966 While in prison, Hussein was elected the Deputy Secretary General of the Baath Party Leadership.
1967 Hussein escaped from prison.
July 1968 Hussein participated in a coup to overthrow Iraq's president and the regime.
1968 Hussein graduated from the College of Law.
9 November 1969 Hussein was elected the Vice-chairman of the Revolution Command Council.
1 June 1972 Hussein nationalized all of the oil companies in Iraq.
1 July 1973 Hussein was dubbed the rank of Lieutenant general and the Rafadain Order, First Class.
11 March 1974 Hussein helped to implement the Autonomy Law for Iraqi Kurdish Citizens. The Kurds were forced to go to Iran.
1 February 1976 Hussein was awarded M.A. Honors Degree in Military Sciences
8 October 1977 Hussein was elected the Assistant Secretary General of the National Pan-Arab Leadership of the Baath Party.
16 July 1979 Hussein was elected as the President of Iraq and as the Chairman of Revolution Command Council.
17 July 1979 Hussein was promoted to the rank of Field Marshall.
8 October 1979 Hussein was elected Deputy Secretary General of the Pan-Arab Leadership of the Baath party.
4 September 1980 Hussein initiated a war with Iran as he attacked the oil-reserves in Iran.
1982 Former President Bakr died mysteriously. It was widely suspected that Hussein was involved.
30 July 1983 Hussein was dubbed the Revolution Order, First Class.
1984 Hussein was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Law from the University of Baghdad.
1987-1988 Hussein launched the Anfal Campaign against the Kurds. 180,000 Kurds disappeared and 4,000 villages were destroyed.
28 April 1988 Hussein was dubbed the Order of the People.
March 1988 The Kurdish town, Halabaja, was gassed. 5,000 people were killed and 10,000 were injured.
8 August 1988 Hussein agreed to a cease-fire with Iran. Iraq won the conflict.
August 1988 Many Kurdish villages on the Turkish border were gassed. Thousands of people died.
2 August 1990 Hussein seized Kuwait.
16 January 1991 The United States began bombing Baghdad in response to Hussein not turning over Kuwait.
February 1991 The Persian Gulf War ended. President George Bush of the United States declared a cease-fire.
1993 Hussein broke the peace terms from the end of the Persian Gulf War. The United States bombed Iraq as a result.
29 September 1998 The United States passed the Iraq Liberation Act. The Act stated that they wanted to remove Saddam Hussein from office and replace the government with a democratic institution.
October 1998 Hussein failed to comply with the united Nations weapons inspectors. This action led to a four-day bombing raid by the United States.
16-19 December 1998 The United Nations pulled their workers out of Iraq. The United States and the United Kingdom began air raids on Iraq called Operation Desert Fox.
1999 Throughout the year continual air strikes hit Iraq.
2000 It is reported that Hussein has used humanitarian funds to build presidential palaces and for other personal enrichment items.
2002 The United States began to initiate a plan to overthrow Hussein.

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