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Honduras troops go home after negroponte appointed to iraq { April 20 2004 }

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Honduras Troops Ordered Home

Politics: 20 April 2004, Tuesday.
Honduras is to withdraw its troops from Iraq in the shortest possible time.

In a television and radio address President Ricardo Maduro said he had already told coalition countries that Honduras soldiers in Iraq would soon quit the country.

Honduras currently has 370 troops deployed in Iraq.

The announcement comes days after Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said he has given orders for Spanish troops to withdraw "as soon as possible".

Spain is commanding troops in Iraq from several Spanish-speaking nations in the coalition -- Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

El Salvador said it will keep its 300 soldiers in Iraq until its term expires at the beginning of August.

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Honduras troops go home after negroponte appointed to iraq { April 20 2004 }
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