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Hilliard huffman drug connections { December 19 2001 }

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Wallace Hilliard secret Owner of Huffman Aviation, Ties with Jerry Falwell/National Religious Broadcasters
Were the two of you, who purchased your flight schools less than a year before the terrorists arrived, operating as cut-outs for a clandestine operation? NOTE: In July 2000, the same month that the terrorists are said to have arrived, the real owner of Dekkers's Huffman Aviation, Wally Hilliard, had one of his planes (on a regular flight) impounded with 42 kilos of heroin on board.

As we have reported in the past, the Venice Flying School in Florida at which the 9-11 hijackers were trained appears to have been used as a US 'terrorist' training school (BVEJ newsletter #0019 December 2001). Evidence is now emerging that it was also used as a drug smuggling centre to which DEA and FBI turned a blind eye.

A Learjet belonging to Huffman Aviation owner Wallace J. Hilliard, confiscated with 45 pounds of heroin onboard on 25 July 2000 at Orlando Executive Airport, was procured by Hilliard from the same source which, two decades earlier, provided the Learjet used by infamous drug smuggler and CIA agent Barry Seal.

Hilliard got his Learjet from World Jet Inc owned by the notorious drug smuggling Whittington brothers of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who in their heyday in the early 1980s commanded fleets of fishing trawlers, sailboats, power boats, and jets. After being indicted for smuggling and tax evasion, their prized Learjet had gone to a man soon to become the biggest drug smuggler in American history, Barry Seal.

The plane had made approximately 30 trips in 9 months to South America. Each run was paid for in hard cash.

One week after 11 September 2001, the FBI was pointedly stating that they knew about terrorists rotating through Rudi Dekkers' flight school in Venice, Florida. According to the Washington Post, 'Federal authorities have been aware for years that suspected terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden were receiving flight training at schools in the United States'. Evidence of FBI 'prior knowledge' is that they were on site, within hours of the Twin Towers attack. But according to Daniel Hopsicker, 'the FBI was on the scene even earlier'.

For whatever reason, the Hilliard/Dekkers drugs operation had a 'green light' from the DEA at the Venice Airport. The local Venice Police Department (which mounted round-the-clock patrols at the Airport after 11 September) were warned to leave them alone.

A drug operation may explain how Magic Dutch Boy Rudi Dekkers, whose various businesses have all been utter and abject failures, managed to live in a $2.5 million mansion in a private gated community. Were it not for the drug trafficking, the World Trade Center attack could have been prevented through the simple expedient of arresting known terrorist Mohamed Atta.

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