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And is Alex. Brown ever in deep doo-doo, even though the name in the case appears as Deutsche Bank Securities. About two weeks ago, a previously sealed complaint for racketeering was unsealed in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Minnesota, styled MJK Clearing vs. Deutsche Bank Securities, Adnan Khashoggi, Ramy El-Batrawi, GenesisIntermedia (GENI), A read of the complaint leaves little doubt that Alex. Brown, during Mayo’s stint as CEO, was running a significant "loaned shares" scam using the Toronto office to handle much of the work. (Toronto has been a Khashoggi and Prince Alwaleed outpost for years). Auditors caught the problem, and Alex. Brown chose to do nothing about it. More Saudis in the equation, Saudis who had business dealings in Tampa, FL and Hamburg, Germany. And Saudis who worked with the same attorney who represented the notorious CIA operative (arms/C-4 explosives out, drugs in) Barry Seal throughout the 1970s until Seal’s murder in February 1986 (see Daniel Hopsicker’s "Barry & the boys’" for this, and lots more about the "marriage" of Prince Turki into the Malnik family, and Miami attorney Malnik’s role in helping Saudi royals with their investments). Prince Turki is a specifically named defendant in litigation brought by victim families, and today in London it was announced that a summons has been unsealed and will be served on Prince Turkey in the $1 trillion plus class action lawsuit that also alleges significant racketeering.

The attorney in question is Michael Roy Fugler, until last May, a member of the Board of GenesisIntermedia (and a shareholder and the person who arranged the July 1999 IPO of GenesisIntermedia). The two stockholders who benefitted from the Alex. Brown scheme controlling 75% of its shares: Adnan Khashoggi and Ramy El-Batrawi as noted above. Tampa was such a special place to these persona, that Adnan’s beloved daughter, Nabilia, had even created two corporations there in January, 2001. Meanwhile, Mohamed Atta’s American girlfriend said Mohamed rented his cars in Tampa through spring of 2001. He also told her that he and his friends (who were not, by the way, Middle Easterners, rather German, Dutch and French nationals) received all the money they wanted to start businesses from a wealthy Saudi businessman in Florida. One day they would take over this country, he proffered.

We have a bunch of coincidences here.

July, 1999, Michael Roy Fuglae, a Barry Seal crony, facilitated the public issuance of Khashoggi and El-Batrawi’s GenesisIntermedia. Wally Hilliard sallied forth with a quick purchase of Huffman Aviation, installing Dutchman Rudi Dekkers as a front. The Hamburg cell began its plans to attack U.S. buildings. The Hamburg cell had Tampa connections and Khashoggi and El-Batrawi hubbing from Tampa, had Hamburg operations over the years (their Jetborne, Inc. operated in Miami, Toronto, The Netherlands, Tel Aviv and Hamburg).

October 1999, El-Batrawi made his first large block of GENI shares available for lending by Alex. Brown. Wally Hilliard created Air Florida Express LLC with Pakistani Pervez Khan who held a certificate via wife Saulat to fly to Cuba, about the Caribbean, and to Central and South America. Wally was in process of receiving a LearJet from the Whittingtons via Gulfstream Aviation Enterprises to WorldJet, the same family that provided Barry Seal with his LearJet. The Hamburg cell’s plan became "operational."

February, 2000, Khashoggi made his first large block of GENI shares available for lending by Alex. Brown. Wally Hilliard and Rudi Dekkers were busy rolling out Florida Air (FLAIR) and sister company Discover Air (Scott Williams under Wally’s Sunrise Airlines then Florida Air) with a plan to fly shuttles connecting most of Florida’s cities. Atta, Al-Shehhi and Jarrah report their passports stolen; contact American flight schools; and identify targets for the September 11 attack, or otherwise received word of what the targets would be (Capitol, Pentagon, and WTC per Ramzi Binalshibh).

July 2000, Wally Hilliard’s LearJet is halted by machine-gun-toting DEA agents in Disneyworld’s dominion of Orlando, FL, at the Orlando Executive Airport. Some 45 pounds of heroin are found. Wally loses his LearJet by December 2000 through government forfeiture proceedings. (Pervez Khan hard-landed a second LearJet on Valentine’s Day, 2001, leaving Wally with only a few).

So there we have it, reasons to continue to question whether the Independent Commission will be able to function on behalf of those it is charged with serving, or will continue to protect the Saudis and organized crime interests (which we can comfortably assert are organized crime interests given the RICO filings noted above).

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