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Briton freed tells european rights body of abuse
Briton says he was mistreated at guantanamo bay
Britons were chained to the floor and beaten
Detainee suspect forced to listen to springsteen
Detainees abused { June 2 2003 }
Detainees accuse female interrogators of sexual tactics { February 10 2005 }
Ex detainee alleges abuses at guantanamo
Ex prisoners allege rights abuse { August 19 2003 }
Feeding tubes misused on hunger striking detainees
Frenchmen say guantanamo detention was like hell
Gaurds filmed beatings at Guantanamo { May 16 2004 }
Guantanamo guard wiped menstrual blood on prisoner
Guantanamo inmate treated like animal
Guantanamo prisoner head wrapped with duct tape { January 3 2007 }
Guantanamo suicides had choking cloths in mouths
Harsh tactics at base in cuba { October 17 2004 }
Judge orders cia documents released about interrogation { February 3 2005 }
Mistaken solider beaten traumatic brain injury { May 25 2004 }
Prisoners killed under custody { March 6 2003 }
Probe into guantanamo abuse allegations
Soldier beaten in guantanamo drill { June 16 2004 }
Terror of torture in cuba camp

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