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Action follows through mostly from pronouncement { May 8 2007 }
Babies smile in womb
Birds babies learn same way
Chimp makes words
Diplomatically disagreeing without conflict { March 8 2007 }
Exercise helps prevent depression { April 9 2008 }
Fighting the migraine headache is self perpetuating { February 7 2008 }
Flattury just as exciting as receiving money
Humanity and morality found in primates chimps
Lying part of human nature babies lie at six months
Migraine sufferers have different brains
Models less happy than other careers
Monkeys can string sentences together
Multitaskers are less analytical { February 26 2007 }
No genetic relationship to intelligence { November 28 2007 }
Nurture not genes affect marital trends
Ongoing learning increases longevity
Pain easily tolerable with intense distraction
Plants recognize and defend their kin
Scientists prove mice fear is not genetic { December 15 2007 }
Sexual music prompts earlier sex in teens { August 7 2006 }
Teenagers take big risks to be accepted by peers { December 14 2006 }
Zoo keepers allowed swan fantasy to run its course { March 18 2008 }

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