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New may chechnya attack { May 14 2003 }

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At Least 10 Die in New Bomb Attack in Chechnya
Wed May 14, 2003 07:40 AM ET
MOSCOW (Reuters) - At least 10 people were killed on Wednesday in a new suicide bomb attack in Russia's rebel region of Chechnya, the Kremlin said.
A spokeswoman for the Kremlin office on Chechnya said the attack had taken place in the town of Iliskhan-Yurt, east of the regional capital of Grozny.

"There were 10 killed and people have been wounded, but we do not yet know the number," she said.

An official for the information department of the Chechen government, reached by telephone, said the attack took place during a religious holiday. "Most of the victims were elderly," the official said.

An Interfax news agency report implied that the head of the Chechen administration, Akhmad Kadyrov, had been on the spot because it, and other officials, said he had not been injured in the attack.

The latest suicide attack came just two days after three suicide bombers drove a truck loaded with explosives into a government office complex in the north of Chechnya, causing an explosion that killed 59 people.

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