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Solider and his mother suspected of being neo nazi { May 5 2005 }

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May. 5, 2005 16:31 | Updated May. 5, 2005 20:10
Soldier suspected of being neo-Nazi

The military police are questioning a 20-year-old soldier who revealed his affiliations to neo-Nazi groups to police. The soldier, who immigrated to Israel from Russia four years ago, has a swastika tattooed on his left shoulder.

On Wednesday night, Judea and Samaria police arrested the soldier, who was caught with a substance suspected of being heroine. While being questioned by police, he revealed strong sentiments of hatred against Israel and support of neo-Nazism.

Police searching his home found drugs, and also confiscated his computer, which had on it numerous links to a variety of neo-Nazi groups.

While searching his apartment, the soldier's mother also admitted to supporting neo-Nazi groups, and was detained by police for questioning.

The soldier was handed over to military police, but Judea and Samaria police pledged to continue to investigate the discovered drugs and neo-Nazi group ties.

Police have asked the Interior Ministry to investigate the possibility that the soldier in question and his family, who immigrated from the Former Soviet Union, entered the country on forged documents.

An Interior Ministry spokeswoman said the matter is under review but that no conclusions have been reached. She stressed that the investigation has nothing to do with his purported Nazi sympathies, and that the office "has to check it very carefully because it's an issue of citizenship."

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Solider and his mother suspected of being neo nazi { May 5 2005 }

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