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Arab terror camps under idf nose in gaza

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Arab terror camps under IDF’s nose in Gaza
Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades training base surrounded by six IDF posts

Right in the middle of the Settler's orange groves !!

I have never seen such chutzpah

Arabs train in Khan Younis camp five minutes from Israeli army.

They are surrounded by five IDF forts and 10,000 Jewish settlers. The IDF have special under cover units and numerous spies but these terrorists bastards flaunt all etiquette.

At least they have the courtesy to invite the press

Those aren't Arabs. They're settlers.
Who actually believes this nonsense ? Unlike the normal arab who wears $ 18 sneakers these NASA launch pad guys wear IDF boots.

I have to imagine if someone yelled " Two for one sale at Einstein's bagels " they would all drop their guns and become Jewish again.

Israelis shoot 5 yr old kids for throwing rocks but they allow terrorists to hold press conferences in downtown Gaza.

The guy on the right has a $ 4500 Israeli sniper rifle

Arab terror camps under idf nose in gaza
Arab terrorist has israeli rifle [jpg]
Arab terrorist has star of david tattoo [jpg]
Arab terrorists have idf snipers watching [jpg]
Arab terrorists near synagogue [jpg]
Jews dressed as arab terrorists [jpg]
Map [jpg]
Terror group holds press conference [jpg]
Terror training [pdf]
Training in setttlers orange grove 3 [jpg]
Training in setttlers orange grove 4 [jpg]
Training in setttlers orange grove 5 [jpg]
Training in setttlers orange grove 6 [jpg]

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