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Israeli airstrikes target gaza city { May 27 2007 }

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Israel: 'No one is immune' after deadly rocket attack
POSTED: 2126 GMT (0526 HKT), May 27, 2007

Story Highlights
Qassam rocket fired from Gaza kills one Israeli, wounds another
Israeli prime minister vows: "No one is immune"
Airstrikes target positions in Gaza City, Jabalya and Rafa
Israel arrests second Hamas member of Palestinian unity government

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Hours after a Qassam rocket shot into Israel from Gaza killed an Israeli civilian, Israel's prime minister on Sunday warned "all those involved in firing Qassams will be hit. No one is immune."

Ehud Olmert's comments at the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting come after the latest round of fighting between the Jewish state and militants in neighboring Gaza.

Early Sunday a Qassam rocket hit Sderot, wounding two people -- one who later died from the injuries, Israeli medical services said. (Watch workers pull rocket remains from pavementVideo)

A hospital spokeswoman said the 36-year-old man died after the rocket was fired over the Gaza border.

Later, Israel Defense Forces confirmed it carried out an airstrike on a Hamas post north of Khan Yunis. There were no reports of casualties.

Earlier, Israel launched overnight airstrikes in Gaza City, Jabalya and Rafa, targeting positions used by Hamas militants, the IDF said.

There was no immediate word from Palestinian Authority sources on casualties from those strikes.

Israeli parliament member Ze'ev Boim said he thinks "Hamas leaders understand now the ability of Israel to react, and our determination to stop the Qassam rockets launching on Sderot."

IDF has been conducting airstrikes in Gaza in recent days in what Israel says is retaliation for numerous rockets fired into the country from Gaza. Palestinians have launched more than 230 rockets into Israel since May 15, an IDF statement sent Sunday said. (Photo gallery)

On Saturday, Palestinian security and Hamas militant sources said four members of Hamas' special forces were killed and three were wounded when Israeli airstrikes pounded Gaza City.

IDF confirmed those airstrikes on Gaza and added its troops successfully arrested State Minister Wasfi Kabaha, a Hamas member of the Palestinian unity government, at his home in the West Bank on Saturday.

On Thursday, Israel arrested Education Minister Nasser Al Shaer and about 30 other senior members of Hamas.

Saturday's wave of violence also included Israeli airstrikes on five targets in and around Gaza City that wounded four people, according to Palestinian security sources.

The IDF confirmed its warplanes carried out at least eight operations in Gaza on Saturday, targeting Hamas targets in Gaza City and Khan Yunis and a Hamas target in a central Gaza refugee camp.

Hamas came to power in parliamentary elections in January 2006 after more than a decade of Fatah rule over the Palestinian Authority.

The United States and Israel consider Hamas a terrorist organization, and the European Union joined them in cutting off aid in part over the group's refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist.

Journalist Talal Abu-Rahmi and CNN's Shira Medding contributed to this report.

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