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Fatah hamas factions fight in gaza { May 19 2007 }

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Fatah, Hamas factions fight in Gaza; Israeli air strikes increase tensions
May 19, 2007


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Israeli warplanes pummeled Hamas targets Friday in a stepped-up campaign against militants firing rockets into southern Israel, while Palestinian factions battled with automatic weapons and grenades at a Gaza university.

Street battles between Fatah and Hamas were less intense than the heavy fighting in Gaza City two days earlier, but a truce agreement late Thursday had no more success than previous cease-fires declared this week.

The fighting in Gaza is laying bare a dangerous trend: Neither Hamas nor Fatah appears to be in control of its gunmen. Furious over a 2-month-old power sharing deal, the groups' armed wings and their patrons -- not the top political leaders -- are calling the shots on the streets.

Hamas militiamen raised the internal strife to a new level by widening their targets beyond armed rivals and seizing aides to two Fatah officials.

Israeli missiles came screeching down at least five times in retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks. At least 13 more militant rockets fell, wounding four Israelis in Sderot.

Six days of fighting between Hamas and the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have claimed more than 50 lives. An additional 20 Palestinians have died in the Israeli air strikes.

No deaths of Israelis have been reported in that time period.

Despite the escalating air campaign, a senior Israeli army officer said there were no plans for a major ground offensive against rocket teams, saying Israel was reluctant to do something that may unite Palestinian factions.

The latest bloodshed was touched off when Abbas moved to deploy thousands of security officers in Gaza City last week to try to restore order. Hamas called that a provocation because it wasn't consulted.

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