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Invisible enemy

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>The book signing by the author is 15-Nov-2001 in Washington, DC. For
>further information
>Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media and American Culture
>By Edward Abboud, Vox Publishing Co., UC-Reston, VA, 2001, 284 pp. (paper).
>List: $29.95 1.800.368.5788
>Reviewed by Andrew I. Killgore
>Edward Abboud’s powerful new book, Invisible Enemy, explains how Israel, in
>a new kind of war, extracts $5 billion to $12 billion a year from the
>United States. Chapters two and three on conspiracy and propaganda are
>scholarly/theoretical, and will be heavy reading for many people.
>Thereafter Abboud, a student of advertising and propaganda techniques,
>really gets rolling in chapters on the mass media, television and cinema,
>American society, the U.S. government and religious wars/ancient hatreds.
>Abboud’s “old” warfare in Invisible is the classic conquest of one nation
>by another to gain control of the conquered nation’s resources. The new
>Israel/Zionist war is a propaganda war, conducted by a foreign nation and
>its all-too-willing co-conspirators in the United States for the same
>purpose: to control, by well-focused and broad-based propaganda, billions
>in American taxpayers’ money annually transferred to Israel.
>Abboud convincingly portrays Israel as a conspiratorial and invisible enemy
>of the United States. Take the example of the 60 or more misleadingly named
>pro-Israel political action committees. What ordinary American would ever
>suspect their true purpose: to elect congressmen and senators ready to give
>Israel what it wants, and to defeat those who won’t do so. Such sneaky
>Israel/Zionist creations as Delaware Valley PAC, Florida Congressional
>Caucus or San Franciscans for Good Government can and have ganged up, in
>secret and in violation of electoral campaign finance laws, to play tricks
>on the American people by electing politicians they like and defeating
>those they don’t.
>The depressing, and disturbing, thesis of Invisible, supported by mountains
>of evidence, is that Israel/Zionism targets virtually every American
>institution and individual on behalf of the national state of Israel. Only
>Israel/Judaism are bathed in a rosy media light.
>Actor Marlon Brando made this point in the most basic Anglo-Saxon terms and
>without regard for political correctness. Interviewed by CNN’s Larry King
>in April 1996, Brando said Hollywood was run and owned by Jews. It had
>brought us “the n----- [African American], and the [Italian] Greaseball;
>we’ve seen the Chink, the slit-eyed Jap, we have seen the wily Filipina,
>we’ve seen everything—but we never saw the Kike.”
>Edward Abboud documents that, since the late 1940s (when Israel was
>established), Zionism has tried to establish a link between a collective
>worldwide guilt for the Holocaust and support for Israel. Several years ago
>Professor Jack Shaheen documented the traditional Hollywood hatefulness of
>dumping on Arabs. Abboud illustrates Israel’s/Zionism’s relentless media
>campaign of making “symbolic transfers” between Nazis/Arabs and all other
>ethnic and religious groups.
>The Catholic Church is a favorite target. Abboud quotes William E. Simon, a
>former secretary of the treasury, as describing “how the national news
>media delight in portraying the Catholic Church as an intolerant and
>anachronistic institution, out of touch with the times.”
>Arabs and Islam are fair game in Hollywood and on television. Invisible
>lists 43 films since 1967 that glorify heroic Israeli leaders and vilifiy
>Abboud documents the extraordinary numbers of Jewish officials in the Bill
>Clinton administration. The phenomenon was so outlandish, given that Jews
>are only 2 percent of the total American population, that some Washington
>observers referred to Clinton’s as “the first all-Zionist administration.”
>The mainline media rarely, if ever, mentioned that ethnic imbalance.
>Another example of an ethnically imbalanced institution Abboud cites is
>National Public Radio. At NPR, he said, “More Jews present more news about
>more Jews more often than any other radio or television station outside of
>He describes the photos in the lobby of the NPR headquarters in Washington
>listing editors and producers of various programs. The photos of the
>janitorial staff are there, too. The purpose? To try to conceal the heavy
>ethnic imbalance.
>The very great value of Invisible Enemy is that in one volume, and with
>hundreds of convincing examples, Abboud shines a clear light on a
>conspiratorial Israel and its Fifth Column in the United States. He
>describes the enormous effort in the media to portray Israel as an ally of
>the U.S. Part of that effort in movie, newspaper, magazine, book or lecture
>is a favorable presentation of Jews, always presented as American Jews—not
>Jewish-Americans as other minorities are generally described.
>Underlying Edward Abboud’s Invisible Enemy is his recognition that Israel
>is a nation state. It represents the triumph of Jewish nationalism—the
>notion, sad as it is, that Jewish interests are separate from the interests
>of the many peoples around the world among whom they live.
>Israel has to pretend, however—and its Jewish nationalist supporters in the
>U.S. have to pretend—that American and Israeli interests are the same—an
>obvious lie. The overwhelming evidence is to the contrary. Take just two
>examples. Imprisoned Jewish American Jonathan Jay Pollard spied for Israel
>and really hurt this country. But the Jewish weeklies—and the mainstream
>media, to the extent that the subject is mentioned—claim that Pollard only
>spied for an “ally” and only stole material that the U.S. should have
>freely given Israel to help it defend itself against the Arabs. The facts
>are that Pollard did billions of dollars worth of damage to this country,
>that some of the stolen material could only have been of interest to the
>Soviets, and that Pollard’s thefts probably got some of our “assets” in
>Russia executed.
>A second, and really shameful, example is the deliberate Israeli attack on
>June 8, 1967 on the USS Liberty, a U.S. naval intelligence ship, in which
>34 Americans were killed and 171 wounded. Israel’s lying “tragic accident”
>claim has been overwhelmingly sustained by an Israel/Zionist American
>media. If the attack really had been an accident, a thorough investigation
>of the USS Liberty tragedy would clear Israel’s name. The fact that
>Israel/Zionism has successfully fought off every attempt at a real
>investigation proves Israel’s guilt and the guilt of Jewish nationalists in
>the United States.
>ýsrael and its Jewish nationalist supporters thus have to resort to a sadly
>tacky conspiracy to mislead the vast majority of Americans who are not
>Jewish. This 98 percent has to endure a conniving cult of secrecy where
>they are caricatured, mimicked, denigrated or accused (self-hating for
>Jewish critics of Israel, anti-Semitic for non-Jews)—all in favor of a
>foreign state whose basic actions and values collide with America’s best
>I hope many Americans will buy and read this powerful—and shocking—book.
> > VOX Publishing cordially invites you to meet Edward Abboud, author of
> > Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media, and American Culture. > > HREF="">Click here for book information
> > and reviews.
> >
> > Destruction of the World Trade Center demands that we look much more
> > closely at unfolding political events. Invisible Enemy, a wide-ranging
> > critique against the weaponized American mass media establishment and
> > uncritical, unsupervised United States support for Israel, takes the
> > U.S.-Israel relationship to task as no author has ever done before.
> >
> > Invisible Enemy is a potent strike against mass-mediated conceptions of
> > American politics. Abboud proposes that Israel's continuous propaganda
> > throughout American mass media devastates social and cultural events,
> > religious practices, local and national politics, and military
> > activity.
> >
> > This is your opportunity to discuss current events and meet the author
> > of a well-written and timely book.
> >
> > The reception and book signing will take place on November 15, 2001, in
> > Washington, D.C. > > HREF="">Click
> > here for time, location, address, and driving directions.
> >
> > See you there,
> >
> > Jack Radey
> > Publicity Manager, VOX
> >
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