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Poisoning wells

>By Israel Shamir
>A spectre haunts the West, a spectre that was not seen around for quite a
>while. Exorcized long ago, it was imprisoned in the dark lab like a deadly
>virus, bidding its time. Now, as Israel stoops to commit the most horrible
>of crimes, its supporters broke the seals and removed the magic pentagram.
>For over a millennium, we Jews were connected in the European popular mind
>with well-poisoning, to great chagrin of our ancestors. Now, the fantasies
>of past become true, as some dark minds turn tales of old into today's
>Abba Kovner, a Jewish socialist (?) leader, had tried to poison the sources
>of Rein. He had dreamed of exterminating millions of Germans, children,
>women, men. He has received the virulent potion from a man who became
>afterwards the President of Israel, and who never regretted nor denied it.
>His last-minute cowardice (or a miracle?) saved the heart of Europe. (You
>can read about it - no remorse, no shame - in his Life lovingly depicted by
>an Israeli historian Anita Shapira.).
>It happened half a century ago, but now, a new sort of poison flushes
>through the Zionist tentacles into the wells of Europe and North America. In
>the Canadian daily National Post (August 27, 2002), published by Israel
>Asper, a great friend of my country, Daniel Pipes and his gentile sidekick
>Lars Hedegaard published an article with an alluring title, "Muslim
>extremism: Denmark's had enough".
>Judging by its contents, Canada had scraped its 'hate laws' that expressly
>forbid promoting hatred of ethnic and religious communities. Pipes-Hedegaard
>tandem writes:
>"Predominantly Muslim immigrants constitute 5% of the population but consume
>upwards of 40% of the welfare spending. Muslims are only 4% of Denmark's 5.4
>million people but make up a majority of the country's convicted rapists, an
>especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims
>are non-Muslim".
>"They steal our money and rape our daughters", - this concept was
>successfully applied in past, notably by Adolf Hitler in his Mein Kampf,
>against the Jews. Now, it is promoted by the mighty Jewish propaganda
>machine, this globe-embracing conglomerate of Jewish media moguls, obedient
>journalists, deferential university professors. Hitler or Stalin never had
>had such a network in their disposal. The hate potion is prepared by
>professor Lewis, multiplied by Pipes the journalist, published by Israel
>Asper, the owner of almost all Canadian media, and of our Jerusalem Post. It
>flows to Conrad Black in England, and to Mort Zuckerman in the US, and to
>innumerable Jewish media owners and editors all over the world.
>Maybe our Muslim cousins (4% of population) supply majority of rapists in
>Denmark, but my Jewish brothers (hardly 2% of population) constitute
>majority of people who screw all of us: the media moguls, TV bosses, tax
>dodgers, multimillionaires, neo-cons and just conmen. Now, when we know the
>statistics of Muslim applications for welfare, let us see the statistics of
>Jewish fraud. I doubt all Muslim and Black welfare addicts can compare with
>one Mark Rich.
>This mighty machine rolled out the Ku Klux Klan scaremongering image of a
>crouching dark-skinned rapist, lusting the white skin and golden hair of
>Aryan maidens of Denmark. Imported from the great KKK-worshipping silent
>movie by Griffith, The Nation Is Born, the racist image opens a new film of
>Men in Black II: big Negro with big knife, big teeth and big prick attacks
>an innocent White woman in the park. The film was produced by the creator of
>Schindler's List, the sob story of persecuted Jews.
>Still, there is a difference between Pipes, Zuckerman, Asper, Black and the
>ordinary racists of old. The German dictator or the Klan Wizard was sincere
>man, who truly and wholeheartedly hated Jews. Pipes and his kin have no
>feeling of special hate towards Blacks or Muslims. For them, there is no
>difference between a white goy or a black goy, Muslim goy or a Christian
>goy, or indeed a goy and a dog. They produce their hate potion for others,
>in preparation of the great assault in the Holy Land.
>While the Jewish propaganda mills produce their output of hate, their
>potential victims still argue between themselves. Steven Salaita, a nice
>young American-born Palestinian student from Oklahoma, writes[i] in the
> "For the first time in my life, I was disgusted to receive
>messages in support of the Palestinian people". Why? Because they are sent
>by "right-wing ideologues", as "a number of far-right racists, David Duke
>foremost among them, now invoke Israel's behaviour as a "proof" of inherent
>Jewish depravity".
>It would be fairer to convey the main argument of these "right-wing
>ideologues" as follows. 1. There is a great proximity between the behaviour
>of Jews in Palestine and behaviour of the Jews elsewhere. 2. The horrors
>committed by Jews in Palestine and supported by Jews of Diaspora, prove
>presence of a horrific component of the Jewish policies, practice and
>ideology elsewhere. 3. The Jews represent a destructive (for others),
>dangerous and repulsive ideology and theology, and should be contained and
>counteracted. 4. Ideally, people of Jewish origin should be brought to see
>the light and leave their erroneous path; they should become "non-Jews".
>While the key point (3) is an unpleasant (for many Jews) notion, it is a
>non-racist age-long discourse. It is not a right-wing discourse either, as
>this opinion was shared by Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky, Theodor Herzl and
>Boruchov, St Paul and Martin Luther. Zionists were foremost rejecting
>'goodness of Jewry'. A leading French socialist, P-J Proudhon, perceived the
>Jews as supporters of modern bureaucratic, centralised state. Marx called to
>free mankind from Jews, and to de-Judaise Jews.
>If Salaita wants to find a total rejection of the Jews as ideology, he does
>not have to go to David Duke. He could look up a book called The Jewish
>Question: Marxist Interpretation, by Abram Leon, a young follower of
>Trotsky, who perished in the walls of Auschwitz. Leon (I am grateful to Noam
>Chomsky who introduced me to this author) called the Jews, "people-class",
>historically attuned to usury and exploitation of others. A man of Jewish
>origin always could leave 'the Jews' and join mankind, wrote Leon.
>Salaita notes that "extremist websites post articles critical of Israel from
>respectable publications, many with Jewish authors" and concludes, "the
>organizations' hatred of Jews is so strong that they are willing to employ
>Jewish voices in order to promote their agenda. Their na´vetÚ is as striking
>as their stupidity". It is an unexpected and unwarranted reasoning. Rather,
>the websites employ voices of people of Jewish origin who reject the Jewish
>approach, and thus they prove their non-racist basis.
>Salaita rejects the remote possibility of linkage between the Jewish
>behaviour in Palestine and the Jewish behaviour elsewhere. The apartheid
>established by Jews in Israel is not connected to the policies, ideology and
>practice of the Jews elsewhere, in his opinion. Well, this doubtful point of
>view is highly comfortable for the Jews in America. They can support Sharon
>and retain their angel wings. Maybe it is young Salaita who is na´ve in his
>desire to disengage the war in Palestine and the confrontation elsewhere?
>The article of Pipes we discussed earlier is just the latest proof of
>futility of this desire. The war for Palestine became a global war, the
>World War Three, and in this war, the organised Jewry is strictly on the
>side of bad guys. Now they employ the evil weapon of racist hate, trying to
>rouse the Europeans against the Blacks and Muslims everywhere, from Alabama
>to Chechnya, from Copenhagen to Kabul. They should be confronted and
>defeated, as otherwise they will poison the wells of mind. We should not
>allow our adversary to enforce the Black vs. White, or Christian vs. Muslim
>chasm. Instead of discussing David Duke's anti-Semitism, we should discuss
>the anti-Gentilism, hatred of a goy, so evident in the Jewish-owned media.
>If we succeed, the Jewish communities abroad would pay more attention to
>their own well-being, and let Palestine to cool off.
>Our war is NOT a total war. Despite childish remarks of Salaita, no sword of
>ethnic cleansing, no threat of physical annihilation hangs over Jewish
>heads, as Christians and Muslims always wished to bring their Jewish
>brothers to the light, out of their dark separatism. The enemies of Christ
>should be shown the error of their ways, not hurt, that was the traditional
>approach of the Church. Even after horrible holocaust of Palestinian
>Christians made by Jewish hands in 614, the Christian rulers retained
>brotherly Christian love to the misled Jews and did not punish them.
>That was the Muslim approach as well. Despite much confrontation and
>trouble, "the Qaynuqa` and the Nadir Jewish tribes cooperated with the
>Prophet Muhammad, and so did the Jews of Khaybar, after he took the oasis in
>628 (he married the daughter of one of the chiefs of Nadir)", reminds me a
>reader from Virginia. Later, Jews collaborated happily with the conquering
>Arab armies in Syria, North Africa, and Spain, knowing that the Arabs would
>give them greater toleration and protection than their previous rulers.
>The Jews and non-Jews would be able to live together happily, after the
>Jewish supremacy trend will be vanquished. However, until it is achieved,
>we, the friends of Palestine, should seek understanding and cooperation with
>all possible allies, black, white, red, green or rainbow, as blessed are the
>seekers of peace.
>Israel Shamir is an Israeli journalist based in Jaffa. His articles can be
>found on the site In order to subscribe to this list or
>to be removed from it, please write to You may freely
>display this article on the Web or forward it, but ask for permission in
>order to publish as hard copy.

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