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Israeli police confirmed contaminated farmland

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Amnesty Calls on Israel to Stop Settlers From Poisoning Palestinian Livestock
By VOA News
26 April 2005

Amnesty International is calling on Israel to take action against Israeli settlers accused of poisoning Palestinian livestock and contaminating land in the occupied West Bank.

The London-based human rights group says toxic chemicals have been spread repeatedly on Palestinian farmland near three villages around Hebron since late March. Amnesty also accuses Israel of failing to find the culprits or clean up the chemicals.

Israeli police have confirmed the presence of contaminated farmland and say they are investigating the incidents.

Meanwhile, Jewish settlers in Hebron have dedicated a new five-story apartment building, despite international calls for no new settlement construction in the occupied territories.

The building was dedicated Tuesday by Israeli parliament Speaker Reuven Rivlin, one of the leading critics of Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip later this year.

Some information for this report provided by AFP and AP.

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