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Palestinians war explusion { September 15 2002 }

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Palestinians Fear Mass Expulsion in Case of War on Iraq

Sunday, September 15 2002 @ 01:49 PM GMT

HEBRON - Palestinian Authority official Saeb Erekat has warned that the Israeli regime of Ariel Sharon might take advantage of a probable American attack on Iraq to crush the Palestinian people.

Speaking during an interview with the Egyptian Radio Sunday, Erekat said it was very likely that Sharon would take advantage of the world's preoccupation with the Iraqi crisis to expedite his own agenda and designs against the Palestinians.

"He will try to strike hard on us, knowing that the world would be fully preoccupied with Iraq."

Erekat further said that Sharon would try to achieve three goals: the eradication of the Palestinian Authority including murder of Chairman Yasser Arafat, imposition of military rule on Palestinians and annexation of up to 35 percent of the West Bank.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) also voiced fears that Sharon might resort to effecting an expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the case of a major turbulence in the Middle East.

Several Israeli leaders have openly called for a "transfer" of the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland in order to solve Israel's so-called "demographic problem." (IRNA)

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