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Alqaeda tape from southland

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Does Al Qaeda Operative have a Southland Connection?

LOS ANGELES By now many Americans have seen the video taped threat made by an English speaking man, a self-described al Qaeda operative. He threatens more violence if President Bush is re-elected. But just who is that man and could he have a Southland Conneciton?
The tape features someone speaking English who claims to be an American, identified only as Azzam the American.

Here are some excerpts from the videotape:

No my former countrymen you are guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. You are as guilty as Bush and Cheney.

People of America, I remind you of the weighty words of our leaders, Sheik Osama bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Awahari, that what took place on Sep. 11 was but the opening salvo of the global war on America. And that Allah willing, the magnitude and ferocity of what is coming your way will make you forget all about Sept. 11.

His face is never fully visible and he never makes reference to where in the United States he lived, if he ever did. Though federal agents are said to suspect that the man is Adam Gadhan from Southern California. In May he was indentified as a suspected member of al Qaeda.

The now 25-year-old Ghadan, also known as Adam Perlman, grew up on a goat farm in Riverside county. In 1995 as a teen, he move in with his grandparents in Santa Ana and declared himself a Muslim at a Garden Grove Mosque. Now, the FBI is reportedly planning to interview today the Orange County Muslim leader who says he is certain the man on the tape is his former student, Adam Gadhan.

Officials believe there are several Americans working with al Qaeda, but that the man's voice, and his accent do not match any of them, making it impossible to fully authenticate the tape. Though former counterterrorism expert Jack Cloonan is convinced.

This morning on ABC News' Good Morning America the former FBI Counterterrorism expert and now ABC News Consultant Jack Cloonan said, "I do think it representing a real threat?.the perfect attention that this man used?it is extremely angry?this is something we should take very seriously."

The man in the videotape criticizes Muslims who have abandoned their faith and says Muslims are fighting a defensive war against the United States. He warns Americans that the next wave of attacks could come at any moment.

He said, "After decades of American tyranny and oppression, now it's your turn to die. Allah willing, the streets of America will run red with blood matching drop for drop the blood of America's victims."

Today, ABC7 Eyewitness News got a statement from Nancy Perlman about whether or not the man in the tape is her nephew -- Adam. She said,"We don't know who it is. Until we hear or see further, there will be no statement. If there is a significant development, then the family will make a statement."

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