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Tunisian made false confession { August 8 2004 }

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Detainee accuses U.S. of abuse in Afghanistan
Tunisian says he was held in dark with little water

Associated Press
August 8, 2004

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba - A Tunisian detainee testified yesterday before a U.S. military review hearing that he was abused while in captivity in Afghanistan before being brought to the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, a military official said.

The 35-year-old Tunisian told the review panel he was held in the dark and without sufficient drinking water for more than two months in Afghanistan, said a military officer who served as the tribunal recorder and whose identity was barred from being disclosed.

Military officials said the detainee was captured by the Northern Alliance before being turned over to U.S. troops. The man didn't specify which force was holding him at the time of the alleged mistreatment, but he told the panel the experience led him to falsely confess to training with militants, the tribunal official said.

The Tunisian told the panel he made the false confessions because of the "mistreatment he had received in Afghanistan, or as he phrased it, torture," the officer said.

As recently as March of last year, the Tunisian allegedly told interrogators he had received paramilitary training. But yesterday, he denied having received the training, saying that "he's been treated well" during 2 1/2 years at Guantanamo and "felt there wasn't going to be any retribution" if he told the truth, the officer said.

It wasn't possible to independently confirm the detainee's words because a group of journalists ended a five-day visit and left the naval base yesterday.

Military officials said they believe the Tunisian trained at the Khalden camp in Afghanistan, where he learned to use a rifle and anti-aircraft and artillery guns.

During another hearing yesterday, a 24-year-old Saudi testified that he had been a front-line fighter in Afghanistan, said Lt. Chris Servello, a spokesman. The military said the Saudi was a Taliban member who drove a rocket-mounted truck in combat, carried a rifle on the front line for three days and was captured in Mazar-e-Sharif while trying to flee to Pakistan.

Thirteen hearings have been held since the military convened tribunals July 30 to re-examine the cases of hundreds of prisoners accused of ties to the Taliban or al-Qaida. Six detainees have refused to appear.

The military is barring reporters from releasing names of detainees or tribunal members. Each hearing has had a closed portion to discuss information deemed classified. Journalists are to observe more hearings.

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